Sunday, December 23, 2007

The gingerbread tornado

Help Help does anyone know the # for the gingerbread red cross!!!! Things started off great . The icing was a little runny but I figured it would harden as it dried... The boys decorate and decorate our wonderful little house. For a tornado to hit it.. That's right one big gust of wind and the whole ting collapsed.. The boys thought it was funny and made different designs with it. Unfortunately I did not get a pic of the House before the natural disaster. hmmmm .. I think the natural disasters are following me around today and they are red-headed

Monday, December 17, 2007

No well

So Lukas and I were working on his reading this morning and one of the words was well.. He reads it and then looks at me all excited. Mommy that word is in my song.. really what song??
you know mommy... No well... HA HA HA .. funny funny..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sick Day

Ok I'm seriously starting to worry about me. I don't think you are suppose to worry about yourself but.. I like sick days. Ok I don't like my kids being sick but, I like being able to spend the day with them. Watching T.V. , Playing games, making cookies.. I know its weird. Maybe we just need more stay at home days, Maybe that is why I like snow days.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

gingerbread ok grahm cracker houses!!!!

Today was Pats at my house and somewhere somehow we decided that making gingerbread houses would be a fun cute idea. How this ended up at my house hmmm... So a little white powder sugar everywhere never really hurt anyone. So after a morning of cleaning and making icing our friends start showing up. We love our Friends and are so happy to see them. So the kiddos are off to play , moms are talking and yapping about all sorts of fun mom stuff. Then its time to start the lesson. We read the gingerbread baby book, which is just to cute!! ( thanks H)

and we are off to make gingerbread houses. The kiddos are so excited and can't wait, that last about 10 minutes then the moms get to finish and play and decorate. Hey what can I say we tried. We had fun not sure the kids got the concept but the mommys had a great time making our houses. What would we do with out our group..

saving grace

Ok so a good friend just pointed out that all the big time success stories all have some sort of childhood drama.. none of them said yes he was always a mellow thoughtful child. No its always the kid that is jumping off the roof to catch the cat in the tree or something .. So see there is hope!!!!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Luke's First School Play.. So Luke sang tonight at church.. He looked more like a jack in the box than anything. He sang sat down stood up sang sat down .. It was really kinda funny. One time he was laying down and stuck his arm in the air and waved so all you see is kid.. kid.. kid..big hole where kid should be with arm sticking up waving.. Kid.. Kid.. really funny.
So I'm not saying that I am my fathers daughter but they sang proud to be an American ( i know its a Christmas program but hey) And I was like getting chocked up I actually was like about to boo hoo right there .. Oh my gosh so out of character for me.. all these little people singing in those little voices a song that mean soo much WAHHHH .. Ok so I guess it was a good thing my kid was making funny faces and being a jack in the box or I would have been a wreck. Anyways if you ever need a good laugh find so kids program to goto and there you go.. you could not pay me enough to be a music teacher..

I've created a monster

Sunday.. We goto church and sunday school .. Every Sunday .. Their whole lives this is what we have done.. The only time we do not go is we are sick or out of town. Why then do they still have to ask and whine and complain about going??? I mean seriously has it ever gotten them out of it before so why do we have to go thru it again.. Soo Off to church in the freezing cold. We did skip SS b/c they were wrapping presents and we had already done that. Home by 11:15 wow what to do what to do.. We start actually cleaning the house, making crafts and cooking doing family things. 1:15 Landry mommy Im bored..
mommy: Landry we just did a,b,c,
Landry : mommy can I have a friend over.
mommy : sure .. mommy then makes fake phone call to said friend..
Landry: 1:45 has he called yet
Mommy nooo
Landry 2:15 : Im sooooo bored.. BTW we have now cooked played games , colored, painted, gone thru the adds and played the Wii... Seriously He can't be bored...
mommy : sorry
This goes on all day long finally at 5:00 I cant take it anymore and we make a meaningless trip to walmart just to get out of the house..

Saturday, December 8, 2007

And yet ANOTHER Parade...

I know I know We do too much blah blah blah..So this morning Landry walked int he Flower Mound Parade with his Karate group. . We got there at 9:00 and started to walk at 10:20.. UGHHHH.. It was disorganized to be nice.. We left teh parade at 12:00 .. UGHHH.. Not good. Landry had fun and keeyahed and kicked the whole way, me just ugghhh.. Then we headed to parker Square to play there. That was so much fun we went back that night with Daddy and watched the fireworks. The boys loved the snow hill. Lukas was screaming he didn't want to do it and me being a MOY ( mom of year) I put him on the tube and pushed him down the hill. Jason said he landed at the bottom going Yeah baby ..woo Hoo.. Score one for mom!!Anyways it was fun

Frosty the Snowman

Ok seriously. Why do they have to go and mess up a perfectly good story.. i mean seriously... Gezzz... So today we went to Frosty the snowman at Casa Manana. Ok awww Frosty that will Be sweet right????? WRONG!!!! so they had an evil frosty and the evil frosty tried to kill the real frosty. Lukas was crying and hiding his eyes. Landry on the other hand thought it was hysterical. What does that say??? But seriously why you gotta go and mess with a good thing?? Luke ended up being ok with it b/c bad frosty turned nice but still........

Our own little August Rush

ok Maybe not August Rush but, who knew. Ok so for my birthday I asked for tickets for Jason, Landry and I to go to Micheal w Smith with the Symphony. The show was actually on Tuesday. So here we go off to the Symphony not real sure how Landry is going to handle it. He is so excited, Which kinda shocked me. He gets there and is big eyed just looking around.
Then we get to our seats which our int he Choral terrace so we are overlooking the instruments and everything. That also means everyone can see us. Terror sets in when I realize everyone can see us. So Landry is looking around, starting to get a little bored. The Orchestra comes out and worms up. Yeah yeah whatever. I am thinking this is going to be a LONG night. Then the conductor comes out and they begin all together. Landry stood up big huge smile and his eyes as big around a sauce res. for the next hour I kept pulling him back into his chair about every 5 minutes. He was so into it. then he started conducting . It was crazy... He really enjoyed it.. until about intermission a good hour into he and Jason started getting fidgety. But after intermission he came back and watched until they started the songs he really had no idea what they were. Then they went back into Christmas songs and he was back trying to stand up. Not sure I was successful in my mission for him to continue his piano thru this, but at least he has an appreciation for the music. Who knew...Music does tame the savage beast.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Day of Parades....

AHHH the Day of Parades.. Ok so is 3 parades in one day too much?? Not for our family, Ok maybe a little over kill but.. And we have another one next Saturday Landry is actually in so gotta do it.. We started off the morning bright and early and COLD and the Neiman Marcus Children's parade. It was really neat , We had curb seats and the kids had a great time. We were there SOO early that the kids got to walk down and see all the floats before the parade started. This is our 8h or 9th year to do this, Yes we did it before we had children. That is just how weird we are. It is always so much fun. Then we ran back for the Motorcycle toy run. Then we ran to church to watch the play ( Landry is in strike this year) Did the whole pictures with Santa thing and make cookies and crafts.. I was shocked how well Lukas did with Santa. I figured he would not go near him.. Then we ran to Old Town to see that parade.. Or a bunch of random people walking down the street.. Weird parade.. Of course if you are in Old town you have to stay and do all the festivities there. Finally at 5:30 we are headed to my mom's house she is going to watch the boys for us to go see August Rush. (Great movie by the way). We started the day at 7:30 .. All in all a good day.. enjoy the pics.

you gotta be kidding me....

SERIOUSLY!!! So last night we got to Church the kids are running playing like normal. Well of course Luke trips over a chair and BANG his head on the floor. Yea Yea no big deal we pick him up cuddle in a few minutes hes back to running with his buddies. UNTIL.... We get ready to go home and his head hurts and his tummy is sick.. NOT GOOD..We can't keep him awake so we go home call the doc just in case 30 minutes later we are off to the acute care center. Or so we thought. Actually what we are doing is running from one center to another trying to find one that is open. Yep we went to 4 ..YES 4 and NO they are not close together!!! So finally we call the Doc back . no centers are open.. ok she says take him to the ER.. Uhmmm option.. Wake him up every hour.. UGHHHHH ok... so here is one very tired mommy blogging.