Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ok so seriously isn't summer suppose to be fun and RELAXING??

Where did the Relaxing part go??

Hello Relaxing are you out there?? Come here Relaxing??

I'll make you a treat.. Oh maybe that's part of the problem..

So this week is VBS.

I am recreation Person. Woo Hoo .. Yipee.. I mean this is why I went to college.

It has been exhausting.. Not sure exactly why but, I'm tired.


Could be that


VBS .. Home .. Made dinner for a friend that had a baby.. Double Karate.. Why he was at Karate I went to find hair color for VBS and clothes for the upcoming trip ( no luck by the way)

Or it could have been

VBS... Home.. Grapevine Mills to look for clothes ( once again no luck) Baths.. and .. bed...

Oh scratch that.. Baths then clean up and freak out because the pipe that was going to the bath tub leaked out all over the living room floor and the hallway where the bath tub is.... Yea that's a midnight for ya..

hmm... Maybe that was it OR

it could be Wednesday..

VBS.. Homeschool outing to a really cool little airport in flower Mound, where lots of little old men showed us their airplanes and taught about lift and what each part of the plane does. Then we got to see a Huey helicopter. BIG Marine helicopter Very cool. Very Very Very nice people out there..

Oh and then we had a lemonade stand to raise money for our VBS mission project.
the kids raise almost $50!! good Job Boys.. but then we were so hot we had to swim..
Now.. shhh They are in bed..

I am about o go pack for VACATION!!! try to find that elusive Relaxing thing!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catching up....

Ok so you have been asking
We have been a little busy..
We will start with Prom
Yes PROM.. It was great fun.. Really
I was dreading it but we actually had a good time and
Yes I can dress like a girl..
Here's the proof

Lukes End of the year celebration!!

CAsting Crowns Concert was awesome!!

WE got there early enough for batting practice
LAndry caught a foul ball..

And Josh Hamilton.. YOu should hear his story and Landry LOVED the fact that every time he got up to bat his song was Third Days "I wanna Sing a song"


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The world according to Luke

Do you know why rolly pollys are fast?
Because they are lighter because they are smaller and the lighter things are the faster they are.

And they have lots of legs..