Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why do kids insist on making liars out of us!!!

I mean really .. Why is it the second you say "Oh my kid will never do that" they go and do it.. Why is that.I'm not talking about "Oh not my precious angel, he wouldn't dare hit that kid" I'm talking about "There is no way Landry will like Hockey, the first time he falls down he Will be done." Yep I said it.. Yep I'm a liar. I also said" Luke is going to be my hockey player" Yep another Lie.. I'm full of them.. someone pleas call my minister I need some spiritual guidance. Oh if you can wait until my new minister gets there.

Anyways so yesterday was the first day of real hockey.

Landry gets out there like he's been doing this his whole life scores 7 times and loves it. Was full of sweat and had a great time. Luke gets on the ice, Skates around for a few minutes ..Falls down once or twice and says he's done.


No this is not suppose to happen Landry has enough activities, He does not have any free time to play hockey.

Luke has got nothing ..Nada ..Zip ..ZERO... and now no hockey. Oh don't think I will let him off that easy .He will go back and try again but.. SERIOUSLY...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

8 years gone by too fast!!

8 Wonderful years ago my baby boy was born. Perfect in every since of the word. His big Blue eyes so alert. Ha !! funny to think about now but one of the first things I remember the nurses saying is how strong he was and how he had a mind of his own. He turned over while they were measuring him and trying to get his weight. They set him down and he turned all the way over. HE has been on the go every since. My Precious Joseph Landry.. You are the light of my life. You are my funny man.. My comic relief.. You are my tender hearted child. The one who cries at the drop of a hat. The one who when I cuddle with you at night sometimes you just cry. You say its because you are so happy. You are my little angel. I can't believe 8 years have come and gone since I first laid eyes on you. When you were 4 i said I wish I could freeze time and keep you that age. I think I have said that 100 times since then. I wish I could keep you my little boy but you keep growing and you are not my baby anymore you are a big kid. Lots of people say " I wouldn't have changed a thing" You are 8 and I have soo many things I would have done differently. I would have gone on more walks, I would have baked more cakes, I would have played more games. I would have lightened up and let you be you instead of trying to make you something you are not. I promise to try to do a better job. I love you more than word could ever say.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Relay for life!!!

WOO HOO!!!We can all relax for another year. Shhwwoosh..exhale.. ok no time for that .. we have a bday party in T-minus 16 hours and counting.. cake .. check.. party favors.. check.. football field.. check.. I think we are ok..

This is HUGE!!! Last year same time Tony was not able to walk around the track this year he did a lap and a half.. GO baby BROTHER!!!
Anyway Relay was awesome as always. Lots of participants. Only lost Luke one or 2 times. HE was making laps around he track.. we figure he ran about 2 miles..Actually ran.. It was too funny Hes arms have to be tired b/c they move twice as fast as his legs.. It was a fun time for all.. My poor little survivors didn't feel great so they left early but.. here are some pics. Thanks to all of you who helped support us this year. Until next year..

Ok b/c I am crazy girl BEFORE the relay on Friday morning Lukas and I went out to Main street days at Grapevine.. TOO MUCH FUN!!! It really was a good time.. We drove remote control cars on a dirt track.. we fished. Luke caught a HUGE catfish.. HUGE .. seriously.. WE jumped in jump houses.. We rode the train.. WE SAW WHITE TIGERS UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!!! We had a good time just mommy and luke.. Just reminds me that slowing down and smelling the roses is a good thing.. I love hanging out with my boy.. Another reason he is not going to pre school. Might be selfish reason but, i love hanging out with him. 99.5% of the time. There are those .5% where I am on the Internet searching for boarding schools.. ok maybe its a little more than .5% maybe more like 2% .. anyway. It was great!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

WE DID IT!!!!!

Lukas can ride a two wheeler!!!!! WE took teh training wheels off today and he took off!! HE rode right away.. I couldn't even keep up with him. About the third time down the driveway he started making skid marks!!!! I can't believe the first try he took off no problem!!! It was amazing!!! WOW!!! too COOL !! I know I'm bragging but I just couldn't believe the first time we took off the training wheels he took off riding. WOW !!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Im cheating

Ok so I'm back posting, unless you want to hear about my many many fun filled hours at the hospital you have to go back a week. SO here we are.. climb into your magic little time machine and go to last Thursday.. WVVVORRMMP.. Ok so here we are. Yea we made it , The pilot was kinda weird. Anyway, We are headed to the coolest field trip I have ever been on as part of a public school. Now, I use to teach and I have this 16 year old thing running around so I figure I have been on at least 15 field trips in my life. This was by far the best. You can only do the ft. worth zoo, casa manana, science place so many time s people. I gotta tell you when his teacher asked me to look at the web site and tell her what I thought. I thought well.. hmmm... I wasn't real sure what to think. I thought why are we going here, isn't this alot like the zoo. Nope it wasn't!! WE went to sharkarosa. ( yes my little friends we are sooo going on a field trip next year, only kids 5 and up are allowed here) Anyways, It was a very cool very educational wildlife preservation. The kids got to pet a albino kangaroo, They got to pet a Lemar, They got to pet camels, and lamas and Zebra. They learned so much about all these different animals. It was very cool. I had a great time. If anyone is looking for something to do that's different go to

Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch - Home.. you will not be disappointed.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Take me out to the ball game..

The Rangers Rock!!!

Landry Sliding in home plate...

The turf/grass is sooo cool...