Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celebrate Freedom? Godfest 2010

20 years of awesomeness!!!!
We LOVE klty. It is our favorite radio station.
As the boys say its "safe and fun for our family"
We have been going out to southfork ranch for 13 years.
It is an amazing experience.
The only year we did not go was last year, we were on vacation..
One year we went in 3 feet of mud. You took a step sank..took a step sank.

Landry's favorite christian band is THIRD DAY!!
WE lucked into being there the same time they were signing autographs!
Landry was wearing his Third Day shirt from a few years ago,
They saw it and were telling him how cool it was and he was telling them that they were his favorite.

Landry shaking mac's hand.

They really liked hanging out with them after listening to the interview

And this was my favorite part.
AMY GRANT!! She ROCKS!! She has been around FOREVER and she is still awesome..
One of the very first concerts Jason took me to was Amy Grant and Micheal W Smith.
They are 2 of my favorites and we still see Micheal W Smith every year at Christmas and it has become a tradition with our family.

Thanks for the memories KLTY!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If you give a boy a birthday wish

If you give a boy a birthday wish..
He will want ot be pulled out of school for an "extended lunch"
If you pull him out for lunch he will want to go to grapefest.
If he goes to grapefest he will want to jump
and because its his birthday,
You say yes

If he jumps ...
He will be hot..
If he is hot,
He will want to go kayaking
And b/c its his birthday
You will say yes

If he goes Kayaking,
He will turn his kayak upside down.
and swim
because his name is Landry.

Now he is already wet.
So he will want to go swimming.
And if you pu a boy in swimming pool
he will want to invite some friends
and because its his birthday
You will say yes

If you let his friends come over,
they will get tired of swimming,
They will want to do some "dragon training"
They will want swords, axes, shields
and if you give them swords, axes and shields
they will want water balloons
and because its his birthday
You will say yes

After all that excitement they will be hungry
They will want cake,
and because they had sword, axes and shield
they will want a dragon cake and
because its his birthday,
You will say yes

They will still be hungry
so load up 2 cars and take them to cici's
After they get their belly's full they will want ot play more
SO you load up 2 cars and take them to kids kastle
because its his birthday
you say yes

Then it will start to get dark,
You will realize you don't want want hot, sticky, crazy boys at your house
They will ask to go to Marcus indoor practice facility.
Because your husband rocks and its his birthday
You will say Yes

After they play at the practice field they wills tart to get tired (HA)
so you will take them home
and you will pass out
for the next day
you promised to take them to the skatepark.