Monday, March 31, 2008

a 45 minute span of time


Leads to this.. no that is not a lake its my back yard... Dog is slightly confussed..

to this....

seriously... there was black rotating cloud right iver my house 30 minutes ago... Crazy texas weather!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

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6 flags Again??? Already??

Yep, that's 2 times in a week and a half. scary huh??? What can we say if you got the passes might as well use them. This time it was bring a Friend free day so my boys decided to bring their bestest friends int he whole world... Their cousins, who happen to be girls!!! These 4 kiddos are inseparable though.. They seriously love each other like brother and sister and Love my nieces as though they were my own little girls. They are my girls I get to play with.. buy clothes for .. and then give back.. the best type of girls.. Me with my own daughter would be a catastrophe.. But I do love Harley and Hailey. Well Saturday we took them to six flags and meet up with some other friends from school. There were 8 kids in all .. 4 adults.. Ok really there were 4 adults .. 1 jr high kid..2 5th graders and 2 second graders one 1st grader and 2 4 year olds.. YIPEE!!!
We had a great time .. the weather was awesome.. The lines for the rides the kids wanted to ride were short. Now Superman.. batman..t hose rides were hours but we didnt have to worry about that. It was the best time we had EVER had at six flags.. The kids had a blast but don't ask Hailey.. She thought she was a big kid and rode some big rides that were just a little too much for her. In general they were great .. funny... Happy and got along so well.. See six flags can compete with the most magical place on earth.. I do hope that these 4 kids stay this close the rest of their lives. If they do someone is going to have a hard time messing with any one of them... They are such good kids. I don't think my kids would kow what to do with out their cousins.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

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catch up time..

Ok so spring break was Little crazy.. anyone surprised?? I mean seriously wouldn't you be concerned f it was not crazy. never a dull moment in our house. so just for sanity reasons I'll break it down by day..
Monday: My aunt came in from Tennessee so we spent the afternoon with her. We did go bowling and to kids kastle, but remember my kid is still not eating and not suppose to be running around. opps.. ok no prolonged strenuous activity..prolonged means hours right?? we were only at kids kastle about a hour or so. I'm still following the rules.

Tuesday : Rain .. are you kidding me its spring break and its cold and raining. What to do ?? The Mall.. that's right people my poor hubby who loves me dearly went not only to the mall but to Frisco mall!!! Another successful trip to Build a bear. Anyone else think its weird that the 7 year old BOY loves build a bear and the 4 year old not so much??
Of course if you are in Frisco at feeding time you have to go to Gattis Town.. It is necessity of life. Landry was so excited he actually won on one of those fair type games and got get another stuffed animal .. the kid is about to run out of room on his bed now.

Wed: Ok we get up hang out.. Try to decide weather or not we are going out of town today or tomorrow .. Back and forth back and forth. Start to load up the Motor home.. Then at 11:30 we decide lets go to six Flags.. Yep that's just the way we are people. Indecisive to a fault. Well we were not the only people who had this great idea.. No EVERYONE in town was at 6 flags. The lines were crazy. I have NEVER seen them this long. I'm so grateful we actually didn't have to pay extra for this ( season passes) . Ok 6 flags Spring break BAD IDEA!!!
Thursday: We are up and off to Lake Murray to go 4 wheelin . Landry takes years off my life int he first couple of hours there. Why again do we do this. Oh he loves it.. its fun.. Mommy gets to do alot of praying .. No seriously .. He did great.. He went threw huge mud puddles and only got stuck once . He went down huge hills up and over hills and stayed on his bike. Yipee...
Unfortunate, Lukas' ride wasn't that smart no he was on Mommy's four wheeler.
You have to get this mental pic. b/c I don't have real pics b/c well you'll see.. Jason and i are riding along. we just pulled this other kid out of a mud hole and we are watching Landry. Jason sees this small pond/mud hole and ask me I wonder how deep that is.. Ok those of you who know me can guess what happened next.. Yep there it is Lukas and I stuck about to flip the whole stinking 4 wheeler over. Water up to the seat . me laughing and trying to keep lukas still so we don't flip and yelling for jason all at the same time. It was quiet a site. So jason comes over to the side reaches out and get Lukas who is now dangling over the side of my four wheeler. Puts him to the side with Landry and pulls me out. I wish I had a pic. but you can see why we didn't take time to do that.

Friday: Umpa come out to go 4 wheelin with us. Proceeds to throw landry in a ditch when he is pulling him back to the motorhome b/c Landry has broken his chain.

Saturday: ride.. head home for easter egg hunts... We goto the easter egg hunts and petting zoo. Go home dye eggs and get ready fro the bunny..

Sunday is a different post To be continued

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is not suppose to happen for 9 more years!!!!

When did I stop being cool or at least fashion cool for boys!! I mean I would understand if I had a girl and she didn't want to wear what I picked out. I am a P.E. teacher at hear t after all but, seriously How is it Wind pants and t shirt are not cool enough for him to wear to school??? No he wants jeans .. sorry kid they are too short and dirty.. then he digs out his camo jeans and a new shirt lays them down like he was wearing them ad ask if that looked good.. seriously HES 7777!!!!
another reason I wish we wore uniforms!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Is competitve egg hunting a sport??

If competitive egg hunting is a sport I found something Landry would win a gold medal in.. We must go train for the egg Olympics now so please only bother us if you have eggs you need finding.
Seriously, I don't know if it is because the kid had been couped up in the house for 9 days or what but we went to 2 different Easter egg hunts on Saturday and the Landry cleaned up. The first one was at Unity park. They blew the buzzer and Landry was gone he ran past all the other kids and dives towards this pile of eggs. (yep getting his Easter Sunday blue jeans all muddy, yes my kids wear jeans to Church , hey they are there and happy) he seriously comes back to us 5 minutes later with his basket /bucket overflowing. his brother on the other hand not so much He is still in the walk past 5 eggs to pick up one stage. He must be coached or he will never compete at the same level as his brother. What int he world would we do.. EEKK ..
The second hunt of the day was scary. It was at Jakes hilltop park. We have gone to this hunt for 13 years, What you have a 7 year old how can you go for 13 years?? You know Jason is just a giant kid, no we took Schyler. Anyways, We have gone to this hunt for 13 years and it has never ever been as crazy busy as it was this year I bet there was at least 500 kids there. Once again Landry dominated in the 7-10 division and luke not so much in the 4-5 year olds. Stinking 5 year olds. They are vicious... So the moral to the story here is... beware of kids that have been kept in a house for 10 days they are scary when they get out..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

9 Wonderful years!!!!

From This...

Good Gravy we were young!!!

To this......

TO this...

Today is my 9 year Anniversary.. 9 wonderful years. I have been married to my best friend. We have had our ups and downs. We have been blessed to have way more ups. In fact I bet I can count the downs on one hand. Our lives have changed drastically since way back then. I don't think this is the future either one of us had in mind. Its better!!! Life is Good. and God is good ALL THE TIME!! We are still in love after 13 years together and 9 years of marriage. We have watched our godson go from a baby to a driver EEKKK. We have had 2 little boys and all the trails and celebrations that come with that. We have graduated college, gotten jobs, moved, , bought cars by ourselves, bought houses, moved, had children, moved, changed careers, had family get sick,and so much more.. basically we grew up together.I can't imagine my life with out him. I love him more today then the day I married him, Thank you for the last 9 years, toad. I love you , Ribbet

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Do you think we will ever be back to normal??

Ok so here's the thing one kid sick ( kinda) and one kid not. One kid eating ice cream or Popsicles and nothing else. One kid not understanding why he has to eat real food.
So here is what Landry has had to eat/drink today.. Like you really wanted to know but I'm making a point here.

Pink Milk.. OK hey its milk
Orange crush...
1/3 Banana split.. Hey its progress!!!
3 pieces of Chocolate from Hershey's bar... OK I was desperate. I took him to see Veggie Tales at the movie theater and no popcorn. BTW very Very cute movie.. Landry wanted to go buy the soundtrack right then and the movie when it comes out. I so love it that he still thinks Veggie tales is cool!!!
more orange Crush
Sponge bob sherbet from the Ice Cream truck.. That should tell you how desperate I am that I am willing to pay $2 for an ice cream cone..

Lukas day
Pancakes ( again trying to get older child to eat)
Corn Dog/ice cream ( sonic.. I was impressed I got a corn dog down him first)
A WHOLE Hershey's Chocolate bar!!!!
A monster size Popsicle from Ice Cream Truck
hmm dinner .. Haven't made it that far but seriously

SO my question is do you think I will ever again get back to the people we were before this?? Do you think a vegetable will ever again pass the mouths of my darling children. This is not a good precedent we are setting here. Not good at ALL!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

talking to the Dr. scares the crap out of anyone including kids!!!!

Ok so Landry has not been eating or drinking . nothing.. nada,, zip... zero... not good!!! so today I called the dr. and said hey whats up with this.. He said not to be worried about the eating he would do it when he was ready. Then he told me to set a timer and every 15 minutes Landry has to drink an ounce or two of something. If he does not do that he will put him back in the hospital with an IV. Landry not being a fan of needles and listening to the dr. say this has been very good with this. It has made a huge difference in his outlook. He is out of bed and we actually went out side and blew bubbles for a little bit. YIPEE!!! Things may be turning around at our house.
You know what I find a slight bit annoying.. I said the same thing to the kid yesterday but did he listen NOOOO.. does he listen to the dr... YEEESSS.. Why does he have more influence then me?? I mean seriously!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am so not a stay at home mom!!!!

Ok let me clarify I am a stay away from home mom. I have now been home 3 days with Landry and only have like another week to go. EEEKKKKK!!!!! I got all these things to keep him busy but what about mommy. I don't do stay at home. I don't do a lot of down time either. If we are at home we are usually busy. Not so much lately. Landry has either been sleeping, laying in bed, or whining, a few games have been played, Chinese checkers and apples to apples. He did get out of his cave to join in with Luke's sight word bingo earlier but now he is back in bed. Luke wants to be in there with him so here I am trying to figure out what to do. Laundry, dishes things like that but seriously. There is a reason my child is hyperactive .. its called genetics... If I'm not careful I might actually start a project, then Landry has this really annoying horn he blows when he needs something. Just about the time I would get started it would go off. What is a mommy to do..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

tonsillectomy check... adenoidectomy check

yesterday Landry had his tonsils and adenoids out. But going with Landry tradition this was not textbook. He had problems coming out of Anestassia and got sick ALOT.. but he is home and doing pretty well today. He is not eating or drinking anything yet and hasn't gotten out of bed but he is playing in bed and does not look like a ghost anymore. Its amazing how many activities you can got thru in a day. Thank God for Grandparents. Umpa is in from LA and playing with him right now. Nonna had Lukas all day Friday.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Youv'e got to be feraking kidding me right!!!

This is a mean cruel joke. Not funny !!!! Snow seriously twice in one week. Are you kidding me!!!! seriously!!! I mean its MARCH!!! HELLO the flowers and trees are blooming!!! SERIOUSLY!!!
Ok and I have a kid that is suppose to have surgery in plano tomorrow. We have been planning for a month and a half. HELLO are you kidding me !!! This is soo not funny!! we are going to have a snow day and he is not even going to get to play and we might have to reschedule are you kidding me!!! GRRRRRR.... see me not laughing!!@!!@$##@$

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My poor underexposed homeschool child

Today we took our Pat group to the ft. Worth symphony's kinder concert. It was awesome. Luke liked the String instruments. First, when we got there they went over all the different sections of the symphony and the kids got to hear what each section sounded like. I could see the dendrites forming in Luke's little brain. His eyes were huge. Then they went through what music would sound like if it were happy, mad, excited, sad.. We were doing great until sad. Then Lukas seriously almost started crying. Talk about proof that music affects your mood. He hid his face and stuck that bottom lip out and it took a good 5-10 minutes for him to get over it. I thought that was really interesting.
Then the story began, It was Dr. Suess Green Eggs and Ham. They had 2 characters acting/singing the story and the symphony playing in the background. It was cute but I could have done with out the opera singer. It was about 45 minutes perfect for 4 year olds.
Afterwards we went to The botanical gardens and played and learned a little about trees. Lukas has discovered he likes the smell of rosemary the best and thinks mommy should plant some. Sounds good to me.
Then we went to IHOP because they are celebrating Dr. Suess bday and serving green eggs and ham.. Looky there it all ties together. Yea Luke didn't so much go for the green eggs or ham but he did enjoy his smiley face pancakes and watched his friends eat Green eggs and ham. mommy did a great job of staying on her diet and only ate 3 Huge blueberry pancakes with whip cream. Yea go mommy.

Funny my other kid went to preschool and never went to the symphony or the botanical gardens.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mommy is such a sucker

Ok so here it is 9:00 at night and the boys are starring out the windows watching the snow fall with their hot chocholate ( yes their bed time is an hour ago) ....

This is mommy being a light weight and lettng the kids that have been sick and the one having surgery in 3 days out to play in the snow... It was so much fun