Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My poor underexposed homeschool child

Today we took our Pat group to the ft. Worth symphony's kinder concert. It was awesome. Luke liked the String instruments. First, when we got there they went over all the different sections of the symphony and the kids got to hear what each section sounded like. I could see the dendrites forming in Luke's little brain. His eyes were huge. Then they went through what music would sound like if it were happy, mad, excited, sad.. We were doing great until sad. Then Lukas seriously almost started crying. Talk about proof that music affects your mood. He hid his face and stuck that bottom lip out and it took a good 5-10 minutes for him to get over it. I thought that was really interesting.
Then the story began, It was Dr. Suess Green Eggs and Ham. They had 2 characters acting/singing the story and the symphony playing in the background. It was cute but I could have done with out the opera singer. It was about 45 minutes perfect for 4 year olds.
Afterwards we went to The botanical gardens and played and learned a little about trees. Lukas has discovered he likes the smell of rosemary the best and thinks mommy should plant some. Sounds good to me.
Then we went to IHOP because they are celebrating Dr. Suess bday and serving green eggs and ham.. Looky there it all ties together. Yea Luke didn't so much go for the green eggs or ham but he did enjoy his smiley face pancakes and watched his friends eat Green eggs and ham. mommy did a great job of staying on her diet and only ate 3 Huge blueberry pancakes with whip cream. Yea go mommy.

Funny my other kid went to preschool and never went to the symphony or the botanical gardens.


HRH said...

I missed out completely. So sad. I just couldn't get everything done I needed to do and that whole pesky nap situation. Next year?

Happy Campers said...

We had a great time too! I couldn't believe the size of your pancakes!!!! :)

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

I have a friend whose daughter would cry to certain music. She did this as a little baby. It's pretty neat.

Sounds like a good time!