Tuesday, March 11, 2008

talking to the Dr. scares the crap out of anyone including kids!!!!

Ok so Landry has not been eating or drinking . nothing.. nada,, zip... zero... not good!!! so today I called the dr. and said hey whats up with this.. He said not to be worried about the eating he would do it when he was ready. Then he told me to set a timer and every 15 minutes Landry has to drink an ounce or two of something. If he does not do that he will put him back in the hospital with an IV. Landry not being a fan of needles and listening to the dr. say this has been very good with this. It has made a huge difference in his outlook. He is out of bed and we actually went out side and blew bubbles for a little bit. YIPEE!!! Things may be turning around at our house.
You know what I find a slight bit annoying.. I said the same thing to the kid yesterday but did he listen NOOOO.. does he listen to the dr... YEEESSS.. Why does he have more influence then me?? I mean seriously!!!!

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HRH said...

glad things are looking up.