Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Do you think we will ever be back to normal??

Ok so here's the thing one kid sick ( kinda) and one kid not. One kid eating ice cream or Popsicles and nothing else. One kid not understanding why he has to eat real food.
So here is what Landry has had to eat/drink today.. Like you really wanted to know but I'm making a point here.

Pink Milk.. OK hey its milk
Orange crush...
1/3 Banana split.. Hey its progress!!!
3 pieces of Chocolate from Hershey's bar... OK I was desperate. I took him to see Veggie Tales at the movie theater and no popcorn. BTW very Very cute movie.. Landry wanted to go buy the soundtrack right then and the movie when it comes out. I so love it that he still thinks Veggie tales is cool!!!
more orange Crush
Sponge bob sherbet from the Ice Cream truck.. That should tell you how desperate I am that I am willing to pay $2 for an ice cream cone..

Lukas day
Pancakes ( again trying to get older child to eat)
Corn Dog/ice cream ( sonic.. I was impressed I got a corn dog down him first)
A WHOLE Hershey's Chocolate bar!!!!
A monster size Popsicle from Ice Cream Truck
hmm dinner .. Haven't made it that far but seriously

SO my question is do you think I will ever again get back to the people we were before this?? Do you think a vegetable will ever again pass the mouths of my darling children. This is not a good precedent we are setting here. Not good at ALL!!!


HRH said...

you are so toast. hey, that would be better...try toast (in milk for Landry).

Missed ya today. Red rover wasn't the same without you.

spinning in our own direction said...

toast in milk are you out of your mind???