Sunday, March 30, 2008

6 flags Again??? Already??

Yep, that's 2 times in a week and a half. scary huh??? What can we say if you got the passes might as well use them. This time it was bring a Friend free day so my boys decided to bring their bestest friends int he whole world... Their cousins, who happen to be girls!!! These 4 kiddos are inseparable though.. They seriously love each other like brother and sister and Love my nieces as though they were my own little girls. They are my girls I get to play with.. buy clothes for .. and then give back.. the best type of girls.. Me with my own daughter would be a catastrophe.. But I do love Harley and Hailey. Well Saturday we took them to six flags and meet up with some other friends from school. There were 8 kids in all .. 4 adults.. Ok really there were 4 adults .. 1 jr high kid..2 5th graders and 2 second graders one 1st grader and 2 4 year olds.. YIPEE!!!
We had a great time .. the weather was awesome.. The lines for the rides the kids wanted to ride were short. Now Superman.. batman..t hose rides were hours but we didnt have to worry about that. It was the best time we had EVER had at six flags.. The kids had a blast but don't ask Hailey.. She thought she was a big kid and rode some big rides that were just a little too much for her. In general they were great .. funny... Happy and got along so well.. See six flags can compete with the most magical place on earth.. I do hope that these 4 kids stay this close the rest of their lives. If they do someone is going to have a hard time messing with any one of them... They are such good kids. I don't think my kids would kow what to do with out their cousins.

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HRH said...

OMG, you neglected to say you had been there twice...TWIcE. Over achiever again and again.