Thursday, March 6, 2008

Youv'e got to be feraking kidding me right!!!

This is a mean cruel joke. Not funny !!!! Snow seriously twice in one week. Are you kidding me!!!! seriously!!! I mean its MARCH!!! HELLO the flowers and trees are blooming!!! SERIOUSLY!!!
Ok and I have a kid that is suppose to have surgery in plano tomorrow. We have been planning for a month and a half. HELLO are you kidding me !!! This is soo not funny!! we are going to have a snow day and he is not even going to get to play and we might have to reschedule are you kidding me!!! GRRRRRR.... see me not laughing!!@!!@$##@$


HRH said...

Is Landry home today? Ryan had to go to school and he was almost crazed with anger about it! Poor little classically trained boy.

Happy Campers said...

How did everything go??? Been checking for updates to see how surgery went. Update hen you have a chance :)