Thursday, November 11, 2010


Every year we goto the Pumpkin patch in Flower Mound. IT is one of our favorite fall outings. I have pictures of Lukas on a pumpkin 2 weeks old. So this year was no different.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The State fair

< We LOVE LOVE LOVE the State Fair.

We saw these cuties at the petting zoo, we think they look like lama

We Always do the little hands on the farm. Kids get to walk through and pretend they are farmers. Then when they get done"working" they get paid and get candy.

They milk cows, plant vegt ables..

harvest their garden.

and of course ride their tractors to feed the animals. uhmm I'm sure this qualifies as 2 feet on the ground.. since we are a whole whopping 6 days from breaking his arm.

Landry's Favorite art of the fair. This year they did a tribute to Tom Landry. I wish we could have spent more time there but it was a long line to get in and a lot of reading. HE really liked looking at all the memorabilia.

Some more than others.

It was a great time and we got to hang with our friends. We always go on homeschool day. There are not very many people there at all. And homschoolers get in FREE.. so you gotta love that.

Happy Birthday Stinky head

7!! 7 is a BIG number!
7 is no longer little.
7 is "real school"
7 is its time to get serious. ok maybe not
7 is tall.
7 has LOTS of friends.
7 has Lots of personality
7 is full of jokes some funny some not so much.
7 cracks me up.
Yeah for 7!!

SO we had to do some changing in lukes birthday party plans because well. he broke his arm the day after his birthday and there went the swim party :(.
Ekk what to do ..what to do.. a Putt Putt party!! Broken kids can still play putt
So we gathered only his best buddies and went to putt putt.

Did I mention at 7 we are still loving Lego's ..Lego everything!!!

Happy birthday lukie tookie ..WE LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of school

We did all the traditional things..

The night before we got out your "go to school Luke" doll. IT has been on your shelf for years.

We read the kissing hand.

WE snuggled and talked about the next day and what to expect..

Then you excitedly went to sleep.. mommy not so much.

The next morning you woke up all smiles ready to go.

We ate the traditional smiley face pancakes..

You held my hand just a little tighter than before. walked alittle slower than usually but when we got to the door of your classroom and you saw your friends. You almost forgot to give me a hug and a kiss.

and that kissing hand was long forgotten.

You're very first day of school.. You acted like you had been doing this forever.
You were confident and happy.

and mommy waited til I got out of your eye shot to break down.

You seem to really like your teacher and she likes you.. her name is Mrs. Troup

Oh and to top it off.. Landry who is going into 4th grade did not even want me to walk him in to class today.. wahhhh why do they have to grow up?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

When the kids smarter than the babysitter

So Lukas never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh.
Today he was swimming with Landry, Harley and Hailey.. Uncle Scooter.. and Uncle Tony..
It seems Landry can't get along with Hailey, they fight with in seconds of being his together.
SO Uncle scooter in all his wisdom today put a spoon on the side of the pool in the middle. Told Harley and Landry they had this half of the pool, Lukas and Hailey the other half. Well about 30 minutes later, Lukas sneaks over gets the spoon and very discreetly takes it out of the pool all together.
I though that was pretty funny.

Then Uncle tony was telling them that it looked like lightning.. They needed to get out of the pool.
Scooter said yea like in Wichita Falls ( being sarcastic)
Lukas goes yeah that's like over 50 miles away. It will take awhile for it to get here.

HA Love to watch other people deal with 6 year old logic..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You're my favorite meatball!

What?? What a crazy name for a post you say.
Yep pretty much..It will all become clear in a minute.
Yesterday was one of THOSE days. You know the days where you wake up running and goto bed falling on your face. One of those days that you need a whole day to recover from.. One of those days where you say anyone of these activity's by themselves would hae been good enough for a day.

SO it all started with Landry having a sleepover, this is #4 in 7 days!!
In the morning, we went to Bounce U..Its a giant inflatable land. WE were there for 3 hours!! 3 HOURS!!! of yelling!!! Screaming and bouncing. THE kids came out all dripping with sweat. Begging to goto the pool.
Me being super awesome cool mom said yes but first we have to do a,b,c..
Ok ..SO I drag 4 kids into 3 stores and then to McDonald's.
We play at MCD's for about an hour then goto lifetime to swim..

At lifetime I swim some laps while they play(yes I can see them the whole time,mom)
After my laps, b/c I am super cool awesome fun mom I decide to go play with the 4 kids that are mine. Well let me just tell you.. a strange thing happens when an adult gets ina pool to play with their kids. You end up with a mes of kids you've never seen before wanting to play.

SO Landry wants to play this meatball game.. If you are the meatball everyone else is the spaghetti and they are trying to catch you. Guess who was the meatball.
Yep me... They were all chasing me and in case you didn't know one against 6 not so much fair..

after the pool we took one kid home, went to get ice cream and went to karate..
Then the boys went over to play with Nonna while we went out to Schyler's going away party.
SO Finally tucking him in bed that night, He says mommy your my favorite meatball..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whirlwind summer trip

So, Im going back to the whole reason I started this blog.
To document the boys life.
If I entertain t in the meantime great.
But I gotta tell you some of the post will be boring.. but important in telling the story of what we did while they were growing up.

That being said this is one of those Boring post.
so If you would like to bail out now is the time.
go ahead... I promise not to take it personally

Ok those 3 of you left are family your stuck..
SO now on to the post..

Last week we had to goto Austin to look at Landry's service dog.
Well, our family can't just go do a short visit to Austin.
No.. if we are going ot Austin we are going to figure out what we can do to have fun!
Hubby had the whole thing planned out.
First we went and did the dog thing.
Then we went to a beautiful park and hiked and saw peacocks and played ina creek bank with water running thru it. It was great time and we could have spent alot of time there.

Then we went to the top of this hill. You could see all of Austin there, hubby said its the highest point in the county.

Landry said when he was a bone doctor he would buy me this pink house that was amazing right on the lake. It had a matching boat house. I love the fact he is going to take care of mommy when he is a bone doctor.

Then we went to Barton Springs pool. OMG!! it was soooo cold!! Its 68 degrees. Landry loved it. HE jumped of the diving board over and over and over again. Luke not so much. he got in but thought it was way to cold. HE kept screaming when he got it and would run out of the water. that was kinda cute. By then it was 8:00 time to got the campsite

The next day we headed out to Fiesta Texas. It was a beautiful day. The kids had a good time.

The next day we went to schlitrebauhn. I giant water Park. IT was absolutely the best time EVER!!! We went down tube rides. Luke flipped over on one of them and went under luckily the lifeguard was there to catch him. I was worried he would done after that. But he wanted to go on the Biggest tube ride next. He was really quiet fearless. I was shocked. Luke is not my fearless kid. Landry yes. Luke no he only takes calculated risk. Everything looked at and hen decides if its worth his time or the risk. He did every ride we looked at and some I sent Landry to with umpa he was like I want to go. It was absolutely the best day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celebrate Freedom? Godfest 2010

20 years of awesomeness!!!!
We LOVE klty. It is our favorite radio station.
As the boys say its "safe and fun for our family"
We have been going out to southfork ranch for 13 years.
It is an amazing experience.
The only year we did not go was last year, we were on vacation..
One year we went in 3 feet of mud. You took a step sank..took a step sank.

Landry's favorite christian band is THIRD DAY!!
WE lucked into being there the same time they were signing autographs!
Landry was wearing his Third Day shirt from a few years ago,
They saw it and were telling him how cool it was and he was telling them that they were his favorite.

Landry shaking mac's hand.

They really liked hanging out with them after listening to the interview

And this was my favorite part.
AMY GRANT!! She ROCKS!! She has been around FOREVER and she is still awesome..
One of the very first concerts Jason took me to was Amy Grant and Micheal W Smith.
They are 2 of my favorites and we still see Micheal W Smith every year at Christmas and it has become a tradition with our family.

Thanks for the memories KLTY!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If you give a boy a birthday wish

If you give a boy a birthday wish..
He will want ot be pulled out of school for an "extended lunch"
If you pull him out for lunch he will want to go to grapefest.
If he goes to grapefest he will want to jump
and because its his birthday,
You say yes

If he jumps ...
He will be hot..
If he is hot,
He will want to go kayaking
And b/c its his birthday
You will say yes

If he goes Kayaking,
He will turn his kayak upside down.
and swim
because his name is Landry.

Now he is already wet.
So he will want to go swimming.
And if you pu a boy in swimming pool
he will want to invite some friends
and because its his birthday
You will say yes

If you let his friends come over,
they will get tired of swimming,
They will want to do some "dragon training"
They will want swords, axes, shields
and if you give them swords, axes and shields
they will want water balloons
and because its his birthday
You will say yes

After all that excitement they will be hungry
They will want cake,
and because they had sword, axes and shield
they will want a dragon cake and
because its his birthday,
You will say yes

They will still be hungry
so load up 2 cars and take them to cici's
After they get their belly's full they will want ot play more
SO you load up 2 cars and take them to kids kastle
because its his birthday
you say yes

Then it will start to get dark,
You will realize you don't want want hot, sticky, crazy boys at your house
They will ask to go to Marcus indoor practice facility.
Because your husband rocks and its his birthday
You will say Yes

After they play at the practice field they wills tart to get tired (HA)
so you will take them home
and you will pass out
for the next day
you promised to take them to the skatepark.

Thursday, May 20, 2010



Go AWAY 10!
I told you not to come!
How dare you show up to try to take our fun!
10 means no more baby!
10 means no more single digits!
10 means your old enough to do things by yourself!
10 means you think you old enough to do things by yourself!
10 means I let you walk down to your grandma's house BY YOURSELF!!!
10 means you can mow the lawn :)
10 is no longer little
I told you to stay away but nooooo
You are just like the rest of them 9,8,7,6..
I told them all stay away.
Let him be little..
Don't come so fast..
Can't you wait just a little longer..
But noo here you are and what am I to do.
I could look on the bright side ..
They say 10 is perfect and that fits you well
You are perfect.

Happy birthday my little stinky head.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 a nut shell

a poem about having an ADHD son

He's bouncin' off walls, a super ball gone insane,

He runs through your world like an off-rail freight train,

Interruptions are constant, tantrums galore,

When it's time to do piano, he's gone, out the door.

The drama is constant, oh his foot fell asleep,

He moans and he wails, the theatrics run deep, .

He is brighter than most,

And with patience and love, I know he'll go far.

But what I must take from well meaning friends:

Don't let him do that. Oh these rules that he bends.

You're not a good parent. His temper's outrageous.

He hears this and wonders, just what's wrong with me?

I tell him, "You're special! You have A.D.H.D."

You have awesome energy that could bring you great fame.

You don't need much sleep; you never wear down.

You're silly and funny, when you act like a clown.

You've felt lots of pain from what people have said,

But you pray for those people when you go to bed.

So you try every day to make a fresh start,

For God gifted you with an extra big heart.

As I look at my child, he sees through my soul,

My heart feels like bursting, as I realize my goal.

I know this boy like no one else could,

He's a blessing to me. He's strong and he's good.

So I'll love him and guide him through the worst of the worst,

And he'll make a great man (if I don't kill him first).

I'm kidding of course 'cause I know what's to be,

When I look in his eyes, I see a reflection of me.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun at the farm..

On Saturday we went to Nash Farm...

It was AWESOME.. There were tons of things to do. I got a picture of just a few.

This is Lukas making his own rope. It was really very cool. There were 4 strings and a thing that twisted them up and then Luke guided this cross down the ropes to make a big rope.. very cool

No spring event is complete with out sack races..
Learning how bee's made honey. eeeewwww

Making and playing with farm toys. You spin this in your hands and it flies.

Walking on stilts..

And of course the obligatory farm animals.

The boys also did leather work and milked goats and made pinwheels and weaved on a weaving machine and planted a garden and went on a trailer ride and watched the blacksmith and ... It was very cool!!!