Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun at the farm..

On Saturday we went to Nash Farm...

It was AWESOME.. There were tons of things to do. I got a picture of just a few.

This is Lukas making his own rope. It was really very cool. There were 4 strings and a thing that twisted them up and then Luke guided this cross down the ropes to make a big rope.. very cool

No spring event is complete with out sack races..
Learning how bee's made honey. eeeewwww

Making and playing with farm toys. You spin this in your hands and it flies.

Walking on stilts..

And of course the obligatory farm animals.

The boys also did leather work and milked goats and made pinwheels and weaved on a weaving machine and planted a garden and went on a trailer ride and watched the blacksmith and ... It was very cool!!!


The Sun is shining!!

The rain has stopped and the bluebonnets are in full bloom!!!

There is a place here where the bluebonnets are knee deep and go up the side of the mountain.
There are bluebonnets as far as you cn see.

This is one of our hiking spots so the boys know where the paths are. I just can't believe how many bluebonnets there are!!

minus two.. opps...

Happy Spring!!!