Friday, November 30, 2007

Snow in Texas ..What in the WORLD!!!!

Ok can I tell you how much I LOVE being part of a group that keeps thinking of cool things to do.. Today our Homeschool group combined with another and went to make snow... Yep that's right snow.. Ok really big monster chemical based soap bubbles. But hey It was snow to these Texas kids, Who probably don't remember the 1/22 of an inch we got last year..they had a great time. Luke loves being with his friends. He thinks they are the best thing ever, Me I am pretty fond of them also. What would we do with out such a great group of friends to hang out with. We would be so lost. I am so thankful for my PATS group. They have been a light in my life. Ok enough mushy stuff. you guys know you are great. :)

So this is what its like..

Look at me being all domestic and stuff. Luke is actually taking a nap. I guess the snow this morning tired him out. I am actually getting things done before midnight!!! WOW!! He night have to start taking naps more often. HA!! I have finished the boys Advent calender. I am making dinner. I know its 2:00 in the afternoon but hey we have Karate tonight and so I won't do it if I don't do it now. AND I am even baking cookies for the church thingy tomorrow!!! Ones that even look like Reindeer.. Are you jealous.. LOOK at me being domestic .. Hurry it won't happen again for a long long long time.. Of course I haven't even looked at the laundry or thought about clening the house while I have this break.. YUCK who wants to do that ..

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grapevine lights

Only in Texas.. So we are off to the parade.. I know it Cowboys / Green Bay right but we are off to the Parade.. (Don't I have a good Hubby) . There is a 90 inch Plasma Tv showing the game and the parade announcer is giving details.. Then no kidding a lot of the floats had TV 's in the back of them and the dads were watching as they walked.. Only in TEXAS

Tonight we went to the LONGEST light parade in the history of the world. I think every group in Grapevine had a float or was walking in the parade. We finally left at 8:30 the parade started at7:00 .. Still no sign of Santa anywhere...Thats ok the boys were done, they had a good time and liked the floats but an hour and half is a little much for my Little ones. Lukas really liked the bands but, I asked him if he wanted to play the drums ( trying to get info for Santa to use) and he said NO!! So I asked again later when he was dancing to them ..NO!!!.. So Santa is back at the drawing board.. Bummer.. Landry of course danced and played thru the whole thing.. The big HAM... Anyways here are some picks from a typical (HA HA ) Thursday night at the Mullin house.

6 Flags in the COLD

So the Friday after Thanksgiving we went to 6 flags because we had a few free hours why not right?? The lights were soo pretty. Lukas really liked looking at them. Of course, Landry was just interested in the rides. he has grown so much in the last year by next summer he will be able to ride the big big rides. right now his favorite is the Judge Roy Scream. Lukas loves looney tune land, specifically he loves the roller coaster in looney tune land. We rode it 4 time Friday and the last time he told me to get out he wanted to ride it by himself. Me not being ready to let him be that big said NO!! .. Their favorite thing this time was the snow hill... Yes that is daddy going down too...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turkey Day

I know its been a while since I've done this but we have been crazy busy. Our Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful. Monday we went four Wheeling with so buddies. It was great fun until I saw a snake and Landry broke his four wheeler. We went to the Red River and actually went into the river. It was a huge change from when we were there this summer with all the rain. On actual Thanksgiving we worked at church for the 3rd year in a row. There were lots of people this year so that made me happy. Then we went to mom to eat turkey . GOBBLE GOBBLE. of course my kids wouldn't touch any of the meal, but why should that surprise me. I mean really that would be way to easy. Friday we went shopping at 4:30 in the morning. Yes that's right you heard me 4 *%&%& 30 in the morning. We shopped until about 9:00 then went to Marcus play off game at Texas stadium and just because we didn't want to rest we went to Six Flags after that. Six Flags was awesome. It was soo pretty everything was decorated all the shows are christmas themes. It was really fun. Not many big rides going but that's ok. We will go back again before Christmas.

Friday, November 9, 2007

a day at the park

seriously.. I mean seriously.. Its November 2 weeks from Thanksgiving and it so hot you could go swimming.. I mean come on a little cooler would be nice. I'm to asking for winter just the 70's .. So after a crazy morning we have new carpet... rolled up on our sidewalk.. We ran to the store and bought it and by then it was too late for Bart to put it in so we will stay carpet less until Tuesday.. Bummer huh. Mary and I took the kiddos the park until they started to get too hot and whinnie. SO here is Luke and his future wife. Aren't they cute!!!!

Mom of the year Again

Ok its only 8:30 and my day is already topsey turvey.. All my great plans out the window. First Landry got and proceeded to wake up his brother. Who by the way not all that happy about being woken up but what are brothers for and they started playing. What did they think it was Saturday, Come on we have things to do , homework to finish, breakfast to eat, clothes to change because we are not wearing red shorts and a yellow tie die shirt to school. So the rush begins...Finally we are in the car headed to school. I pull up and dig out $2.00 in change out of my ashtray or lunch money and hand it to Landry as he is rushing not to be late and then realize we didnot fix his hair today and it is standing straight up.. STRAIGHT UP in different directions. Oh well.. No biggie.. back home to wait for the carpet layers go outside and look at carpet in daylight, Jason unrolled it last night. Its worse than the carpet that is in there now!! Of course we have already taken everything out of the room and fought with Lukas to sleep on a mattress last night. So call Bart ( my friend and carpet layer) and tell him. He says if we Can find something today then he can still do it otherwise it will be next Tuesday.. So I'm off to shop for Carpet.. Do you think a 4 year old will understand carpet is his christmas present.. Hmm probaby not. Maybe I can tie a bow on it. no tha won't work either.. oh well..There goes my day of school work, gym and excite.. Bummer

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Hey guys- So here is the Halloween scoop... Saturday we went to Parker Square and did the festival there. Then Saturday night we went to our Church and did Trunk or treat. On Actual Halloween we just went trick or treating nothing to exciting. Luke was Mater from Cars and Landry was what else an army dude. They got more candy that they could ever eat. However my butt has gotten larger front them getting candy explain that?? The Pumpkin patch was fun as always. Landry liked Pumpkin chunking. You get a giant slingshot and shoot Pumpkins at a sign. He thought it was really cool. Yes I am raising a hoodlum. anyway here's some pics


If you click on the x it will take you to the site to see all teh pics from today. Yes that is the adults having a pumpkin seed spitting contest.
Hello everyone- So wed. are our homeschool Co-op day. They are always so much fun. Today we learned about Pumpkins and how you plant seed and they grow into flowers and the flowers are the pumpkin. I also learned if you want a monster pumpkin you cut off all the flowers but one so all the energy can goto that pumpkin. I think we will have to try that next year.

Lukas had a great time, He is so intent on his coloring and staying in the lines and using lots of colors . So total opposite of Landry. On the way home, well actually to go be with 10,000 of our closest friends at the new Walmart. He told me the whole thing that everything is a seed and that it grows up and is a tree or bush or pumpkins. Ok so maybe he got most of it . I'm just happy he actually listened and retained something.
Nothing else much happened today. Lots of playing outside, Landry got a 5 on his report.. Woo Hoo.. For those of you who don't know Landry is on a behavior chart and 5 is the best you can get. YIPEE !!! AND he actually practiced his piano today with out fussing. WOO HOO!!! We are happy people. He is practicing CHRISTMAS SONGS!!! yep thats right not much longer now.. Okj Guys that cover it..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Look at me joining the 21st century

Wow!! I never thought I would be blogging. I figure as crazy as it is around here it might make someone other than me laugh. So here I go..

Lets just start with today. Lukas started the 4 year old class at Church today. He was very excited he got to feed bob the Turtle. Turtles eat apples, Who knew?? He had a pretty good day. Nothing to exciting to report on him. Landry of course a totally different story. I went to eat lunch at school because me being the mother of the year I am I had NO food in the house to make his Lunch not a slice of Bologna not a piece of bread nothing. So he got Sonic.. WOO HOO. Of course he could have eaten lunch at school had I had any money to give him but that would tarnish my mother of the year award. anyways he liked that and being he was suppose to be on silent lunch but since his parent was there he got to talk made it ohh soo much better.. AHH I do win mother of the Year..

So of course after school starts the craziness of homework, Karate and Basketball tryouts. Oh shoot we forgot to read and practice piano. There it goes again. But hey they did get baths. that should count for something. Oh did i mention I volunteered to make Trail mix so that Landry didn't feel like odd man out. So I am about to make trail mix for 22 kids with no nuts..

Oh house is about to come on..That is high on my priority list . Gotta run

I will blog about Halloween and such tomorrow. Maybe