Friday, November 30, 2007

Snow in Texas ..What in the WORLD!!!!

Ok can I tell you how much I LOVE being part of a group that keeps thinking of cool things to do.. Today our Homeschool group combined with another and went to make snow... Yep that's right snow.. Ok really big monster chemical based soap bubbles. But hey It was snow to these Texas kids, Who probably don't remember the 1/22 of an inch we got last year..they had a great time. Luke loves being with his friends. He thinks they are the best thing ever, Me I am pretty fond of them also. What would we do with out such a great group of friends to hang out with. We would be so lost. I am so thankful for my PATS group. They have been a light in my life. Ok enough mushy stuff. you guys know you are great. :)

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HRH said...

We CAN'T help it--it is just the way we are! hahaha

Love you too!

Hey, if you go to shutterfly and download their free software you can rotate your photos before you post them if the after posting rotation won't work (I am scaring myself here).