Friday, November 30, 2007

So this is what its like..

Look at me being all domestic and stuff. Luke is actually taking a nap. I guess the snow this morning tired him out. I am actually getting things done before midnight!!! WOW!! He night have to start taking naps more often. HA!! I have finished the boys Advent calender. I am making dinner. I know its 2:00 in the afternoon but hey we have Karate tonight and so I won't do it if I don't do it now. AND I am even baking cookies for the church thingy tomorrow!!! Ones that even look like Reindeer.. Are you jealous.. LOOK at me being domestic .. Hurry it won't happen again for a long long long time.. Of course I haven't even looked at the laundry or thought about clening the house while I have this break.. YUCK who wants to do that ..


Happy Campers said...

No more mocking MY domestic streak. Reindeer cookies. I mean, seriously. You rock! :)

HRH said...

Organization, planning ahead, cookies in the shape of reindeer, dinner at 2 pm, a blog entry....Are you feeling OK? And can you please come over here and get me motivated?