Friday, November 9, 2007

Mom of the year Again

Ok its only 8:30 and my day is already topsey turvey.. All my great plans out the window. First Landry got and proceeded to wake up his brother. Who by the way not all that happy about being woken up but what are brothers for and they started playing. What did they think it was Saturday, Come on we have things to do , homework to finish, breakfast to eat, clothes to change because we are not wearing red shorts and a yellow tie die shirt to school. So the rush begins...Finally we are in the car headed to school. I pull up and dig out $2.00 in change out of my ashtray or lunch money and hand it to Landry as he is rushing not to be late and then realize we didnot fix his hair today and it is standing straight up.. STRAIGHT UP in different directions. Oh well.. No biggie.. back home to wait for the carpet layers go outside and look at carpet in daylight, Jason unrolled it last night. Its worse than the carpet that is in there now!! Of course we have already taken everything out of the room and fought with Lukas to sleep on a mattress last night. So call Bart ( my friend and carpet layer) and tell him. He says if we Can find something today then he can still do it otherwise it will be next Tuesday.. So I'm off to shop for Carpet.. Do you think a 4 year old will understand carpet is his christmas present.. Hmm probaby not. Maybe I can tie a bow on it. no tha won't work either.. oh well..There goes my day of school work, gym and excite.. Bummer

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