Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grapevine lights

Only in Texas.. So we are off to the parade.. I know it Cowboys / Green Bay right but we are off to the Parade.. (Don't I have a good Hubby) . There is a 90 inch Plasma Tv showing the game and the parade announcer is giving details.. Then no kidding a lot of the floats had TV 's in the back of them and the dads were watching as they walked.. Only in TEXAS

Tonight we went to the LONGEST light parade in the history of the world. I think every group in Grapevine had a float or was walking in the parade. We finally left at 8:30 the parade started at7:00 .. Still no sign of Santa anywhere...Thats ok the boys were done, they had a good time and liked the floats but an hour and half is a little much for my Little ones. Lukas really liked the bands but, I asked him if he wanted to play the drums ( trying to get info for Santa to use) and he said NO!! So I asked again later when he was dancing to them ..NO!!!.. So Santa is back at the drawing board.. Bummer.. Landry of course danced and played thru the whole thing.. The big HAM... Anyways here are some picks from a typical (HA HA ) Thursday night at the Mullin house.

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