Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is what happens when you use bribery!!!

Ok so to try to get Landry to goto bed and stay in bed. I told him he could have a mohawk for VBS if he would just goto bed... He has been asking for months...well.....

The funniest part was when he jumped in the pool this afternoon and it stayed up.. He looked like a shark swimming around..

Monday, June 23, 2008

This is what would happen if I had a girl

God doesn't make mistakes.. He just doesn't.

Jason and I tried for a girl..

We charted .. we planned .. we only ate tomatoes .. all that good stuff.

We did this for over a year people...

WE got Luke.. not Lyndse Faith

Nope Lukas Hayden

BTW do you know how hard it is to come up with another good boy name when you used all of the good ones up on the first kid, my only regret is that he is not Lukas Scott but, I just am not a big fan of the name Scott. I kinda like the person he would be named after *wink,Wink* but not the name .

Anyways, so Landry and Luke had hockey last week and Harley tagged along.

When we got there I said do you want to try, she said sure. kinda.. ok maybe she said UHH and I said great put this on..

SO here is my attempt at having a girl....

and this is her attept at Ice Skating.. Landry pushing her around in the chair.

and this is her attempt at doing it by herself

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The look of terror and then laughter...

Ok so today it rained... ho hum what to do on a rainy day.. hmmm..
maybe the storms have passed..
check radar...

ho hummm what to do on a rainy day..
we were suppose to be building our patio so we had all the wood out to stain it and it rained so can't do that until it dries out..

ho hummm....

6 FLAGS!!!! there will be no one at six flags and its 75 degrees!!!!!


Out the door at 1:00 YIPEE...
by the way this conversation was happening at 12:30ish

So we head to six flags. Its a beautiful day.. Cloudy not hot no one in line anywhere.

We head to the new big ride (last time we were there it was a 2 1/2 hour wait so we said no way) this time there was a 20 minute wait.. the longest line of the day by far...

Landry and I jump in line .. Luke looks at it and says no he want to goto looney tune land...

Daddy and Luke are off to looney Town land.

Mommy and Landry ride. It was OK no big deal.. not very exciting really.. I was very much let down. I expected something much better.. a lot of hype not much bang...

ok so we go on every other ride in six flags.. no kidding every single ride.. except flashback

We sat down on flashback.. Landry had that look of terror. they pulled the harness over him..
They were checking the harness on everyone and realized someone did not so much enjoy the ride on the last ride and left a little present..

so everyone got off and they had to shut the ride down while they cleaned up said present..

Luckily.. or I think Landry may have left another present..

Anyways, so Its 7:00 we are getting ready to leave because we have ridden every ride in six flags.

Luke starts chanting .. TONY HAWK...TONY HAWK...Luke do you want to ride Tony hawk..


Ok stand in line another 20 minutes....

BTW..Luke would not have been tall enough with out shoes on..

Get on the ride .. it goes up up up.. Luke's singing .. not crazy about going backwards but its ok.. Then we head down ..
Ok so we learned something.. If the cart is off center at all it spins alot.
not good.. poor little Luke...

he did ok.. His lip did turn a little red from biting it..

we stop and ask him if he liked it.. he said it went really fast..

So they have this neat little thing were they video tape you as you are riding .. its really cool. Its19.99 for a dvd so we didn't get it but you saw the whole ride. It was hilarious. Mean sicko mommy thought it was so funny. Poor little Luke had these big eyes... Landry was over there the whole ride making faces in the camera..

So. we get home.. bath. bed..

Lukie what was your favorite thing...

my #2 favorite thing was Tony Hawk... Who knew.. I figured I had scared him for life..
I doubt I will get him back on it any time soon but hey at least he tried it..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

May you have cupcake dreams

Yes thats what I said. Here in our house we don't have champagne dreams no we have cupcake dreams. Yes at 3:01 exactly last night Luke starts screaming at the top of his lungs he wants a cupcake. Why didn't he get a cupcake!!!

Me ( being the good mom I am) nudge hubby to go deal with screaming child. Not real sure what he is screaming about just hear screaming Thru baby monitor..

Thru baby monitor I hear:

Jase: shhhh

Luke: I want a cupcake


Luke : Give me a cupcake too

Jase: Luke it is 3:00 in the morning you can have a cupcake for breakfast.

This makes mommy sit straight up int he bed and run into the other room!!!

Mommy: WHAT !!!


Luke : I want a cupcake.. Louder now

Mommy send hubby back to bed he has obviously lost his mind. Who promises a 4 year a cupcake in the a.m. ??

Mommy: Luke wake up.. Lukas ...

Luke:.. Half awake. Where did the cupcakes go??

Mommy: We will try to make some tomorrow if you go back to sleep right now..

Luke : out like a light

Mommy: back to bed...

This morning there is no mention of the "c" word anywhere in our house..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bestfriends and the ballgame

So landry has been blessed to have his best friend (Ty) in his class for the last 3years. They played t ball together when they were 4 and Carol ( friends mom) and I hit it off. So guess what, We liked spending time together so the boys had no choice but to become best buddies. Now they are going to be in the same class next year.

Last week we had a friend from church give us tickets to The Frisco Rough riders corporate appreciation day. It was awesome. The kids had so much fun.. There was 10 different bounce houses. They got to go on the field and play with the rough riders. They got autographs from all the rough riders it was just one of these days I hope they will remember forever. Oh how does this tie in to Ty, He went with us of course.

I was looking at Jason's yearbook last night and I noticed alot of kids in the senior dedication page where the families had done it together. Pic of kids when they were like 4 and 8 and 10 together all the way to seniors .. Makes me glad to know my kiddo will have a friend like that. I do. I have a friend (lea) from when she was 3 years old. I was 5. I was in her wedding last year. Its just nice to have someone to share that history with.

Ok.. I must have nirvana head because I am so rambling..

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The official Challenge

Ok .. Here it is.. Who can have the biggest play area transforamation. Before and After pics a must. What's in it for you other than a clean playroom.?? Nothing.. Just that a vlean playroom before summer starts. Besides no one is going to beat me. Now some people over at June Cleaver Nirvana Think they can give me arun for my money.. I think not..


After 4 long hours...