Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The look of terror and then laughter...

Ok so today it rained... ho hum what to do on a rainy day.. hmmm..
maybe the storms have passed..
check radar...

ho hummm what to do on a rainy day..
we were suppose to be building our patio so we had all the wood out to stain it and it rained so can't do that until it dries out..

ho hummm....

6 FLAGS!!!! there will be no one at six flags and its 75 degrees!!!!!


Out the door at 1:00 YIPEE...
by the way this conversation was happening at 12:30ish

So we head to six flags. Its a beautiful day.. Cloudy not hot no one in line anywhere.

We head to the new big ride (last time we were there it was a 2 1/2 hour wait so we said no way) this time there was a 20 minute wait.. the longest line of the day by far...

Landry and I jump in line .. Luke looks at it and says no he want to goto looney tune land...

Daddy and Luke are off to looney Town land.

Mommy and Landry ride. It was OK no big deal.. not very exciting really.. I was very much let down. I expected something much better.. a lot of hype not much bang...

ok so we go on every other ride in six flags.. no kidding every single ride.. except flashback

We sat down on flashback.. Landry had that look of terror. they pulled the harness over him..
They were checking the harness on everyone and realized someone did not so much enjoy the ride on the last ride and left a little present..

so everyone got off and they had to shut the ride down while they cleaned up said present..

Luckily.. or I think Landry may have left another present..

Anyways, so Its 7:00 we are getting ready to leave because we have ridden every ride in six flags.

Luke starts chanting .. TONY HAWK...TONY HAWK...Luke do you want to ride Tony hawk..


Ok stand in line another 20 minutes....

BTW..Luke would not have been tall enough with out shoes on..

Get on the ride .. it goes up up up.. Luke's singing .. not crazy about going backwards but its ok.. Then we head down ..
Ok so we learned something.. If the cart is off center at all it spins alot.
not good.. poor little Luke...

he did ok.. His lip did turn a little red from biting it..

we stop and ask him if he liked it.. he said it went really fast..

So they have this neat little thing were they video tape you as you are riding .. its really cool. Its19.99 for a dvd so we didn't get it but you saw the whole ride. It was hilarious. Mean sicko mommy thought it was so funny. Poor little Luke had these big eyes... Landry was over there the whole ride making faces in the camera..

So. we get home.. bath. bed..

Lukie what was your favorite thing...

my #2 favorite thing was Tony Hawk... Who knew.. I figured I had scared him for life..
I doubt I will get him back on it any time soon but hey at least he tried it..

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Anonymous said...

Awesome day to go to Six Flags! We went while it was the last week of school and all the kids were still in school and it was cloudy and nice nice nice! I will never go during peak time in Summer in Texas, that's for sure!