Thursday, June 5, 2008

May you have cupcake dreams

Yes thats what I said. Here in our house we don't have champagne dreams no we have cupcake dreams. Yes at 3:01 exactly last night Luke starts screaming at the top of his lungs he wants a cupcake. Why didn't he get a cupcake!!!

Me ( being the good mom I am) nudge hubby to go deal with screaming child. Not real sure what he is screaming about just hear screaming Thru baby monitor..

Thru baby monitor I hear:

Jase: shhhh

Luke: I want a cupcake


Luke : Give me a cupcake too

Jase: Luke it is 3:00 in the morning you can have a cupcake for breakfast.

This makes mommy sit straight up int he bed and run into the other room!!!

Mommy: WHAT !!!


Luke : I want a cupcake.. Louder now

Mommy send hubby back to bed he has obviously lost his mind. Who promises a 4 year a cupcake in the a.m. ??

Mommy: Luke wake up.. Lukas ...

Luke:.. Half awake. Where did the cupcakes go??

Mommy: We will try to make some tomorrow if you go back to sleep right now..

Luke : out like a light

Mommy: back to bed...

This morning there is no mention of the "c" word anywhere in our house..


Renee said...

How funny! The things kids say!!

Renee said...

Ok...waiting for more blogs!!! Are you out there?!