Monday, June 23, 2008

This is what would happen if I had a girl

God doesn't make mistakes.. He just doesn't.

Jason and I tried for a girl..

We charted .. we planned .. we only ate tomatoes .. all that good stuff.

We did this for over a year people...

WE got Luke.. not Lyndse Faith

Nope Lukas Hayden

BTW do you know how hard it is to come up with another good boy name when you used all of the good ones up on the first kid, my only regret is that he is not Lukas Scott but, I just am not a big fan of the name Scott. I kinda like the person he would be named after *wink,Wink* but not the name .

Anyways, so Landry and Luke had hockey last week and Harley tagged along.

When we got there I said do you want to try, she said sure. kinda.. ok maybe she said UHH and I said great put this on..

SO here is my attempt at having a girl....

and this is her attept at Ice Skating.. Landry pushing her around in the chair.

and this is her attempt at doing it by herself

1 comment:

Renee said...

How funny!

God knew you'd be the perfect mom that those boys would need! I don't know who Harley is but she is lucky to have you in her life!