Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whirlwind summer trip

So, Im going back to the whole reason I started this blog.
To document the boys life.
If I entertain t in the meantime great.
But I gotta tell you some of the post will be boring.. but important in telling the story of what we did while they were growing up.

That being said this is one of those Boring post.
so If you would like to bail out now is the time.
go ahead... I promise not to take it personally

Ok those 3 of you left are family your stuck..
SO now on to the post..

Last week we had to goto Austin to look at Landry's service dog.
Well, our family can't just go do a short visit to Austin.
No.. if we are going ot Austin we are going to figure out what we can do to have fun!
Hubby had the whole thing planned out.
First we went and did the dog thing.
Then we went to a beautiful park and hiked and saw peacocks and played ina creek bank with water running thru it. It was great time and we could have spent alot of time there.

Then we went to the top of this hill. You could see all of Austin there, hubby said its the highest point in the county.

Landry said when he was a bone doctor he would buy me this pink house that was amazing right on the lake. It had a matching boat house. I love the fact he is going to take care of mommy when he is a bone doctor.

Then we went to Barton Springs pool. OMG!! it was soooo cold!! Its 68 degrees. Landry loved it. HE jumped of the diving board over and over and over again. Luke not so much. he got in but thought it was way to cold. HE kept screaming when he got it and would run out of the water. that was kinda cute. By then it was 8:00 time to got the campsite

The next day we headed out to Fiesta Texas. It was a beautiful day. The kids had a good time.

The next day we went to schlitrebauhn. I giant water Park. IT was absolutely the best time EVER!!! We went down tube rides. Luke flipped over on one of them and went under luckily the lifeguard was there to catch him. I was worried he would done after that. But he wanted to go on the Biggest tube ride next. He was really quiet fearless. I was shocked. Luke is not my fearless kid. Landry yes. Luke no he only takes calculated risk. Everything looked at and hen decides if its worth his time or the risk. He did every ride we looked at and some I sent Landry to with umpa he was like I want to go. It was absolutely the best day.