Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mery Christmas and all that Jazz

Ok Ok I know I've been busy ... Sorry ..

So here goes...

Merry Christmas everyone!! I know a tad bit late but when you here about the last week you will understand why we are late..

So the kiddos got out of school on Friday the 19th ..

Sounds like a great day to have a Party.. Why not.. So we partied until late late Friday night. Have I mentioned that I LOVE my Sunday school ..

Saturday. We tried to recover.. Yep we were suppose to work at CCA at 9:00 in the morning. Yep that didn't happen.. We were suppose to go Ice skating at 12:30 .. nope that didn't happen either.. We did make cookies for Santa that was my big accomplishment for the day..

Church and went to North Park with the thought that we would go see the trains. I would have awesome pics of the train but my Camera craped out on me right when we got to the door. %)(*%# 30 minute wait .. 45 minutes down here and my &%()*) camera stops working.. %#)*@

AND we were suppose to go from there to the Galleria to go Ice Skating.

WE didn't make it to the Galleria but hey that s ok
Instead I actually made it back to church in time for my class that I really enjoyed.
Once again the plan was to go ice skating but...
My father had to fly out to Arizona on short notice so, Ice skating got put on hold until umpa could be there. The boys went to Camp at Winkids. They LOVED it. It was great, they had a great time Jason and I finished up some Christmas shopping. Everyone was happy.

On Tuesday.. We had a big surprise for the kids. We had rented a Hummer Limo with 2 other couples from Church to go look at Christmas lights.

They were so excited. It was so much fun. We went to highland Park and looked around. OMG!! those houses are huge and they know how to " do Christmas".
Finally on Wed. We went Ice skating !! My dad came back late Tuesday night and so Wed. we were off. It was incredible empty in the mall. I was shocked. The kiddos had so much fun. They love to skate. Luke gets tired quickly but now that we know there is a medical reason for that it makes it easier for us. We can prepare b/c we know that it is going to happen. Home and get ready for Church and Santa..

Reading the Christmas StoryGetting ready to put out reindeer food

That's enough for now. I will update more later.

Merry Christmas

Oh how did I get the pics. My mom and dad let me open an early present knowing my camera was on its last legs . yipee!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

No tornados this year!!!

This ...

Plus this...

With a litle bit of this...

Equals this...

For more wonderful Gingerbread creation stories goto..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Its official I have lost my mind!!!

Iknow you are all saying we knew that a long time ago. HA HA see I can hear you in my head. Oh wait my mom told me not to tell people that.

Scratch that..

So why have I lost my mind..

I put my beautiful, intelligent, happy boy on a motorcycle Saturday and said "Go for it Dude"


This is Schylers Yamaha 80. Schyler got it for Christmas when he was 8 years old. Schyler Wrecked it 2 hours after he got it.

It has been sitting in our garage for the last 8 years.
Landry has been asking when he can ride it for the last 5 years!!

When he was around 3 or so I would take him up and down the street on it. He loved it. He asked to go everyday. It became a reward. Well Saturday, we finally gave in. Could be that he reminded us Schyler was his age when he got it. Could be that I LOST MY MIND!!!

In reality he did great. I of course did not take any pics of him actually doing this could be because I was trying not to have a heart attack. I mean this is the kid that is now on Four Wheeler #5. He has flipped, run into thing and gone off the side of a hill and we thought Sure lets move him up to 2 wheels.

Like I said he did great. He acted like he had been doing it all his life.

Mommy on the other hand not so sure about.

Oh how they grow..

Monday, December 8, 2008

You sooo want to be me ( again)

Ok back in December of last year I posted about the day of parades. The day we had 3 parades in one day. Well, you will be glad to know we cut back this year. We only did 2 parades. and six flags.

Saturday poor toad got up super early and went to downtown Dallas to save a perfect parade watching spot. It was 34 degrees when he got there. He loves us. So when we got there hours later, we had a perfect parade viewing spot on the curb. Thanks toad. He had even bought the boys these too cute reindeer on a stick so they can walk Rodolph. They were so happy it was great!!

We left there in a flash to get to the other parade, Landry and Umpa were riding in the Lewisville Toy Run. There was probably 2000 bikes in Old Town lewisville. Landry was very excited.

After the motorcycle parade we walked around in old town. They had bounce houses. NOOO.. Ornament decorating, Face painting, Ice sculpturing, Ton of booths and puppies. We ALMOST got another dog. Had Jason been there we probably would have walked out with a 6week old Great Pyrenees puppy. They were sooooo cute.

We left there ran home took some medicine because Landry is still a litle sick on top of all this. and we are off to SIX FLAGS..

Six Flags is all decked out for Christmas. I love going to six flags at Christmas, the lights are beautiful. The boys LOVE the snow hill Luke wanted to ride again but we hit it at just the right time and when we went to go get back in line it was over an hour wait.. Umm NO.. sorry kid.

It was a super fun time and always puts me in the ho ho ho spirit.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Check out my big boy!!!

Last night was one of those nights you try not to forget. You try to remember every second because you know this time is so short.

We went to Micheal W. Smith and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Landry, Jason and Myself. It was amazing, It was awesome, It was totally cool to see my little ADHD kid that can not sit still to watch a movie be totally mesmerized by the orchestra.

My Husband did a great job finding seats, We were in the Chorale terrace on the first row in the center. There were only 5 orchestra people between us and Smitty. Landry sat holding on to the rail most of the night.

WE looked over at him during O come all ye faithful and he was playing it on his legs (that's one of the songs he's working on)

Landry has been asking and asking for a suit. Yep??? OK so I found him one at a consignment store. He had to wear it last night. He looked sooo CUTE!!

Yep, My little redneck, four wheelin, karate kid, loves to wear a suit and play the piano.. Makes you wonder what he will be when he grows up.

The best part was when Smitty ( that Micheal W smiths nickname for you none Uberfans) stood up and did his see ya next year thing. He turned around to look at the area we were sitting and landry was waving and he pointed at him and waved. It made Landry feel so special.

Very cool night.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tis the season to be insanely Busy...

I know I know I took a long break.. Hey what can I say.. It's the most wonderful, crazy busy time of the year.

Turkey was great. For the 4th year in a row , we have served Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate at Church. I hate that word less fortunate, I mean really it makes us the " more fortunate " seem all high and mighty. I would prefer those down on their luck ,those have hard time right now anything else. I would say homeless but most were not homeless just in need of a good meal.

Anyways, I love the fact the my kiddos think this what you do. They have never known any different. They think that this is just what you do. Like getting a foster kid Christmas It's just what you do. Come on people Share the Christmas spirit out there. Nothing makes you feel more joyful than to help someone else out.

*** Time for a Soap box time out****

sorry about that...

So Friday .. yep we were the crazy people up at the butt crack on dawn to go shop.. WE HAD @ SHOPPING CARTS OF STUFF AT TOYS R US!! YES 2!
Then we went to Walmart, Jc penny, best Buy, Target, Dicks, Academy, Old Navy, Lifeway, Kohls ( NEVER NEVER GO to Kohls ) all in all a successful trip UNTIL....
We realized we forgot half of each boys list .. Oh well off we go again another day..

Friday night..

Ft. Worth Parade of lights!!! It was awesome.. Cold but Awesome..

We were suppose to got 6 flags but decide it was to cold. So instead we went to Bass Pro Shops .

Its all decked out for Christmas. The boys played games for FREE.. Made ornaments for FREE
and could've seen Santa but that's a different post.

Saturday night we headed to Grand prairie to look a t the Prairie Lights. It was defiantly worth the drive..

Happy December everyone.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lets have some elfen fun!!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Sunday, November 2, 2008

You better watch out

You better watch out world . HERE THEY COME. They are armed and dangerous.. Trust me on this one they can do more damage when they are not trying to then any kids I have ever seen. Just ask the poor guy who walked into Luke doing his form. Now think about how tall Luke is.. NOT GOOD...
Scream is Landrys best friend. I think it hilarious hes in the pic..

Our favorite Jelly Fish....

Can you tell who the 2 clowns in the family are??? Landry and Hailey are 2 pes in a pod. Luke and Harley are 2 peas in a pod. How we each got one crazy kid and one calm kid I dunno...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin pumpkin and more pumpkins

Through the years at the Pumpkin Patch...

Luke was a whole whopping 3 weeks old when he went to his first pumpkin patch.. yep that's a real pumpkin. yep and thats me the good mom who saw a photo op and put her 3 week old baby on apumpkin to begin with..

Wow what a difference a year makes..

I know its sideways.. I was so not going to go back and change it now..But here we are at 2.

Last year..

This year..

Landry at 5..

Landry at 7..

This year...

Their hair use to be the same color of the pumpkins but it has lightened up so much..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's ONLY 8:15...

You gotta be kidding me... There is no way it is only 8:15...
I have dogs that decided to treat themselves to the pantry.. Yep that's right .. I am running around doing stuff and I hear a strange noise .. Its the &%(*# dogs licking the wrapper of the honey buns they have decided they deserve.. Someone really needs to tell them they are not people.. they are DOGS.. I think they missed the memo...

The jeans saga continues.....

Lay out Landry's clothes for today.. Wind pants and a tshirt..
No go.. He wants jeans...
Your wearing jeans tomorrow b/c you are going on mission after school so you need to wear jeans and your shirt.
DO you have anything cooler I can wear today??
Well.. You have these black jeans, I don't think they look very comfortable but whatever...
Well does it match this shirt.
Yes Landry they match that shirt.
Ok.. but can you make sure that my jean for tomorrow have rough spots that are like holes in them..YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!
I just fell over on the bed.. I can't win!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What the $%$*( ???

Ok believe it or not its starting to get a little chilly here in texas.. Ok it's going to be in the 70's one day last week it was in 70's.
So Here I go getting out jeans and long sleeve shirts. I have this way to cute pair of dirty washed jeans with the worn spots in them for luke ( the worn spots that I paid extra $$ for) I thought they were so cute..
I put them on him..

He throws a fit. They look old .. He doesn't want to wear something old.

No luke mommy bought them that way, They are like Schyler's. Its what all the big kids wear.( yep I'm trying to use peer pressure here.)

Well, I don't like them.
Pleeeeassse just wear them today and I will find you some with out holes or show you schyler's.
FINE!! if you know luke that was not a happy fine. But he didn't want anyone to see him..

I mean seriously!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Ok I feel much better now.. Thank you THank you thank you....

Hey A... I need your email..

Yea.. I feel so loved...

ok so I lied..

Ok maybe I was bluffing but come on people..

hello .. are there any people???

Ok as promised Last week was crazy . I had plans to post but then it got crazy ..

So This is mullins week in review...

Sunday .. The air show..

Things you should know about the Mullin family if there is an airshow in a 75 mile radius we will be there. I was 9 1/2 months pregnant, having contractions and we were at an airshow in the 100 degree heat.. Landry wasn't born for like another week after that but you get the point here..

SO Sunday we headed to see the Thunderbirds...

They were great but after you have seen the Blue angels at home over the ocean its hard to compare...

Monday ..

Six Flags with our buddies!!!!

School .. what school... we were learning about centrifugal force and gravity and stuff right???

Tuesday.. Homeschool Day at Sharkarosa...

Ok this was just way too fun. WE love this place. Where else can you actually pet a ring tailed Lemar .. and listen to everyone chant I like to move it move it.. It was great..

W saw so many animals. There is no way I can put them all on here. The cool thing about Sharkarosa compared to a zoo is at shrakarosa they let you pet all the animals and give you a lesson on each animal at the same time..
There was also a snake guy there this time that had 10-15 snakes. Luke was petting one but I missed the photo op.
They have a safari tram like thing that takes you out to a pasture that has horses, camels, deer, large rodents, pigs and a few other things.
They also have a barrel train for the kiddos.
Its a very fun and educational place.

WE saw White Kangaroos..

WE saw something else that was cute...

WE saw Zedonks...1/2 Zebra .. 1/2 Donkey .. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how that was made???
And of course the camels..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ok people I am about to go on strike..

If I don't get some comments that someone out there is actually reading this .. I'm going on strike..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Wild and wacky weekend..

Ok ok so weekends around here are anything but calm but this week our weekend has spilled over into our week..

We will just start with Friday..

Friday was the battle of the AXE.. TEXAS STADIUM. who has a high school football fame at TEXAS STADIUM!!! It's crazy I know but ... It's texas and its football.. They did make a movie about us people!!! and a t.v. show which is now off the air but don't get me started on that one!!

SO MARCUS WON!!! yipee!!!

Landry hanging out with the "crew" Those would be the guys who run around with the marcus flags. do push up when marcus scores and carry around a gun to shoot out t-shirts..

Saturday ..


Football.. Did I mention this was TEXAS..

Then off to the school carnival..

It was so coll this year. It was all outdoors and tons of games and rides and grease music and a twist off and hula hoop contest.

pie throws..

dunking booth

and off course the Ferris Wheel!!

More to come..

Sunday the Air show....