Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Wild and wacky weekend..

Ok ok so weekends around here are anything but calm but this week our weekend has spilled over into our week..

We will just start with Friday..

Friday was the battle of the AXE.. TEXAS STADIUM. who has a high school football fame at TEXAS STADIUM!!! It's crazy I know but ... It's texas and its football.. They did make a movie about us people!!! and a t.v. show which is now off the air but don't get me started on that one!!

SO MARCUS WON!!! yipee!!!

Landry hanging out with the "crew" Those would be the guys who run around with the marcus flags. do push up when marcus scores and carry around a gun to shoot out t-shirts..

Saturday ..


Football.. Did I mention this was TEXAS..

Then off to the school carnival..

It was so coll this year. It was all outdoors and tons of games and rides and grease music and a twist off and hula hoop contest.

pie throws..

dunking booth

and off course the Ferris Wheel!!

More to come..

Sunday the Air show....

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