Friday, October 17, 2008

ok so I lied..

Ok maybe I was bluffing but come on people..

hello .. are there any people???

Ok as promised Last week was crazy . I had plans to post but then it got crazy ..

So This is mullins week in review...

Sunday .. The air show..

Things you should know about the Mullin family if there is an airshow in a 75 mile radius we will be there. I was 9 1/2 months pregnant, having contractions and we were at an airshow in the 100 degree heat.. Landry wasn't born for like another week after that but you get the point here..

SO Sunday we headed to see the Thunderbirds...

They were great but after you have seen the Blue angels at home over the ocean its hard to compare...

Monday ..

Six Flags with our buddies!!!!

School .. what school... we were learning about centrifugal force and gravity and stuff right???

Tuesday.. Homeschool Day at Sharkarosa...

Ok this was just way too fun. WE love this place. Where else can you actually pet a ring tailed Lemar .. and listen to everyone chant I like to move it move it.. It was great..

W saw so many animals. There is no way I can put them all on here. The cool thing about Sharkarosa compared to a zoo is at shrakarosa they let you pet all the animals and give you a lesson on each animal at the same time..
There was also a snake guy there this time that had 10-15 snakes. Luke was petting one but I missed the photo op.
They have a safari tram like thing that takes you out to a pasture that has horses, camels, deer, large rodents, pigs and a few other things.
They also have a barrel train for the kiddos.
Its a very fun and educational place.

WE saw White Kangaroos..

WE saw something else that was cute...

WE saw Zedonks...1/2 Zebra .. 1/2 Donkey .. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how that was made???
And of course the camels..


Happy Campers said...

I thought about taking Reese to the airshow. I want to go sometime...but I always seem to miss it...

Anonymous said...

I read, I read!!

I have you on RSS so it comes to me via email. Erin gave me your link some time ago.

The boys are great and you are just as silly as ever. Hope to see you one of these days and met all the men in your life.

Tell Donna 'hello' - LOVE HER! Wishing I was eating some of her homemade cookies. Or yours by the sound of how much baking you do!


Thunderchicken said...

Awwwwww Who is cuter - Lukie or the animals ????? We maybe he makes the animals look good.
Good airshow Onk Onk Onk

Cathi_in_TX said...

I never heard of that animal ranch/zoo before. It sounds awesome. G would love it there. We are off to Iowa State for the A&M game this weekend. Go Aggies!

Renee said...

Cute pictures! I have been busy, so today I just stopped by, scrolled down to see any family pics; didn't have time to read much, except the part where you're going on strike! Don't hate me because I'm busy. :) hee hee

texasholly said...

So fun!