Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another baby???

HA HA made you look!!!!! Ok seriously so in the middle of my break down the other night ( at 2:30 in the a.m.) My hubby actually ask if I want another child!!!! Is he crazy??? Insane?? Think I can find a good shrink somewhere to help him?? Anyone know any??
I was just wanting a little sympathy for my little baby growing up. Why is it men feel like they have to fix things.. He knew he could fix that one and was more than willing to try but could not help me with Luke growing up. What every time A milestone is hit we have another child. Do I look like old mother hubbard??? Seriously... I love my hubby more than anything, he is wonderful, he is always trying to make me happy. I know in his mind he was doing the right thing. hmmm I wonder if I have a bigger breakdown if I can get my farm??? Maybe I should start making holes in my house?? Ok thats probably overboard.. Ok thats a lot overboard ..

I just wish I could freeze frame time and keep them safe and small.. Not gonna happen huh.. They have to grow up and we enjoy each stage more and more than the last. I love watching them develop into little people but, I am going to miss my baby. Thank God I have another year before I have to hand him over to the school system. Oh how I would love to keep homeschooling, but they are cursed with a adhd mom and we would never finish a lesson. We sure would have alot of fun.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Here we are ... looking out the window every 15 minutes... Nope weather people ever get it right???If it is going to be this stinking cold I want white stuff. maybe not the Ice they were forecasting but something. You should have seen Walmart last night. People acting like they we going to be iced in for days.. but nope nothing...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The BEST homeschool group EVER!!!

Have I ever told you guys that I really do have the best group of friends that I share our homeschool experiences with. They are totally awesome. We have soo much fun. Our group is better than your group .. I mean seriously what other group can you call teaching your child how to do a shot a school function?!?!? Ok I guess that needs a little explanation. So we went to eat today as a group after our wonderful day at the farm. (more abut that in a minute) after lunch they bring complimentary shots of alcohol for the mommys for dessert and cute little Shirley Temples for the kiddos in shot glasses, looked like a good learning opportunity to me, I mean we are suppose to be preparing them for life. This is a very important part of collage. right??? I know I know mother of the year award here I come!!!!


The farm was awesome, We went to a goat farm today and the kiddos had a chance to learn all about how goats were raised and got to pet the goats and such. Then they had the chance to go meet the mama goats, the ones that give milk. They were much bigger than your standard goat. They had a great time, they learned how the goat was milked and even got to touch the milking machine and fell the suctioning power. They learned about Whey and how it was made, They watched as the goats were feed the y whey. Those goats were all over it. and they learned about goat cheese and how it is made. Now having a child who can not stand cheese of any type. Wanted to try the goat cheese. He thinks he might like it, the verdict is still out. It was a great experience. Lukas has told everyone he has seen today about the goats and the cheese. It really made me want to pack up and move to a farm. I can so see me living somewhere like that. What an awesome experience. See why I love this group. That is something we would have never found on our own.. Our homeschool group is awesome.

ahhh the sounds of asthma machines which means 10 whole minutes of ahhhh

What is that sound you say?? I say the sound of bliss... The sound of 10 uninterrupted minute...The sound of 2 little boys connected to walls and they can't move or fuss... Yep, Its nice and quiet around here!! Does that make me a bad mommy???

I think I have a problem

Ok I know all you people out there who know me are going "it took you this long to figure that out".. seriously I think I need to go to BA ( bloggers anonymous) .. Ok stop laughing I am serious. Last night I was dreaming of what I was going to blog today. How weird is that.. and here is the ting I only remember snippets of it so I can't even use what I was dreaming about. Which really stinks because I know I was on a big ole soap box about something but don't remember what..
so If any of you other fellow bloggers out there ( and you know who you are) want to join me in this endeavor come on... Hi, My name is MeLissa and I have a blogging problem.

Monday, January 21, 2008

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4 day weekend and its cold!!!

Ok... just to set the record straight I was so looking forward to a 4 day weekend. We had it all planned out. Friday we were going to play and go to the movies and pack, Saturday we were going to go to Landry's basketball game and then head out of town for 3 day of mud running and good old fashion family fun. So the first kink in this way to thought out plan was when our friends called Friday and said they had to skip.. Why you ask.. Because the kid ( who got the Flu shot) now has the flu... YUCK... Yep your right your not going with us. ( that is me being a supportive, loving friend) .. Not to be too foiled with our plans, we said ok no biggie we are still going. Then what do you know the weather man LIED to us.. Out and out LIED.. not very nice Mr. Weather man. Have you ever tried to tell a 7 year old his trip has been cancelled because the mud he was sooooo looking forward to is now frozen mud... Not fun!!!
Ok so super mom to the Rescue. That's right she can think fast, she can modify, she can cram a lot of crap into a 4 day weekend!!! So here it is......

Thursday ... Kids get out of school at 1:30.. Toad ( that would be the husband) doesn't get off work until 8:00... hmm what to do what to do... movie nope too short... hmm BONKERS.. yep BONKERS sounds great ... SO 4 kids loaded up and we are off to Bonkers. First stop half price book so mommy can get a book on what to do with boy #1 .. Then off to Bonkers..
This place is AMAZING!!!!! we LOVED it!! It was a huge indoor playground. We were there almost 4 hours. Yep 4 hours of entertainment for $5 a piece!! gotta love that!!! It is their new favorite place. There was maybe 10 other kids in there. I got to sit and read and they ran until they were about to fall over. Ok they ran until 6:30 when they decided they had to eat. So off to cici B/c where else can you feed 4 hungry kids for $15 !!!

Friday.. Time to build the dendrites...
Those of you who know me know I am obsessed with learning/teaching my children. If we have an extra day of school we are off to a play, the symphony, doing some type of science experiment or at a museum. Friday seemed like a good day to go to the science place. Its a Children's Museum in fair park. We love the ft. Wroth Children's Museum but they are closed. So Off to fair park. It was ok .. not great .. I was very underwhelmed. Landry did learn a little about gravity and light. Luke not so much. Landry figured out that the "reason airplanes fly is the air goes around the wings and pulls the airplane up instead of air going under and pushing it up."
They both had a great time with the monster bubbles, so did daddy.

Saturday... Basketball game... They won!!! they always win!! ( It's Upwards.. They don't keep score) Off to the boat show in Ft. Worth. It was fun. Made us want a boat. Gave us some ideas to do with our/my dads motor home. Home to go to church ( yep on Saturday night, I'm still under the delusion we are going 4 Wheeling in the morning)

Sunday... Wind Chill of 19 degrees.. hmmm .. Rethink the whole getting wet and going fast in the weather concept.
What to do ... EKKK .. What to do.... Grandpa is here to go 4 Wheeling .. What to do... BONKERS !! Yep load up 4 kids, 1 teenager, 1 Old man and off to bonkers. ( ok so my dad is not THAT old, he did get in the playground and play tag with the kids and myself and actually caught me several times. Not real sure what to say about that.. We play another 4 hours!!! go home and watch the game.

Monday... Take kids to Dr. Ear infections. 3 out of 4 .. not good... Oh well.. Run a few errands and home again home again. That's it in a nut shell. So next 4 day weekend better be pretty weather b/c this entertaining them all the time stuff.. not so much....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The day of Appt. and answers.

So seriously .. why is it when you schedule ( OK maybe your smarter than me and don't do this) back to back appt. that no one is ever on time and they all run late!! Parent teacher Conf. we could have talked for another 30 minutes. The good news all is well with the world of school.. YIPEE!! Off to the new head shrinker.. I really liked her, she made since She said things that made you go aha. She helped us understand our sweet, precious,adorable, hard to understand little boy. Yes!! someone to help!! YIPEE!! Ok get out of there late b/c we had a million questions and she actually had answers.. WOW ! what a concept. ( this is shrink #4 since May) and she gave us a book to help us understand our little boy better.
So From there off to grab said little ball of joy from school.. we are headed tot he ENT. First most important stop, We NEED a milkshake. Ok so we can be 5 minutes late no biggie. We NEED a milkshake. (anyone wonder why he is the way he is needs to see exhibit A, me)
So Milkshake in hand we run into the office, ignore the sign that says no food or drinks and sign in. The long and short of that was we get to have tonsil and adenoids out. YIPEE!! 10 days of recoup time!! UGHH!!!.
Then we rush from there, Said little joy is thrown his Karate pants and we speed down the road to Karate. We get there 10 minutes late. They will not let him join class. We look at the schedule. There is another class in 35 minutes. Off to McD's b/c the milkshake could only go so far and it is 5:00 by now ( this all started at 11:30). Go back to Karate and breathe. We did it the day is done. Everything accomplished. WHoosh. now lets plan Thursday.

Monday, January 14, 2008

French Kiss EWWW

Tucking my son in bed he says mommy I want to give you a French Kiss..
UHHH a what???
A French Kiss...
UHHH.. What is a French Kiss?
Mommy you know..
(starting to get a little freaked out I'm raising a sicko)
no what is a French Kiss
When I kiss both checks silly..

WHOOOSSSH barely made it pass that one...


Ok I know I usually blog about my sweet little boys. BUT I have to say something about my cowboys!! What a rip off!!! I am just standing beside myself. I think they got robbed. They got penalized for everything !!! The other team.. HA what did they even get one flag!!! I mean seriously.. Seriously!! Ok so now what in the world am I going to do until next season. Cry I guess.!!! WAHHA HAH

And then to make thing worse.. This stupid writers strike has ALL the good shows off. I have nothing to watch NO house, no greys, no private practice, nothing!!! Hmm there seems to be a recurring theme with he shows I watch...interesting.. Anyways.. sorry small light bulb moment there.. WAHHHAH. Come on enough is enough someone give them some money and lets have our shows back.

Ok I'm done... but WAHAHAH

Saturday, January 12, 2008

NBA here we come!!!!

Ok maybe not.. Today was Landrys First Upwards game of the season. He did a good job. He had an Asthma attack after the first 6 minutes. In Upward they play 6 6 minute quarters. We love Upwards. Landrys favorite part is when they call his name. They have all the kids line up outside the gym then they play some music have a fog machine and strobe lights and call each kid out one by one and they run across the floor to their team. Its a great program that is centered around learning and Christ not around competition. Landry always thinks his team wins. They get stars for sportsmanship, and memory versus and trying not for points. The stars they put on their uniforms. Not to brag on my hubby, but last year my hubby was first time coach for this and he won coach of the year!!! I think 2 straight might be pushing it.

Side note: one of the parents doesn't want to have snacks after the game?! I want a vote, do you think snacks after a sporting event?

Yea or Nay.. I'll let you know the results..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I hate taking Christmas down!!!! My poor house went from pretty to sad.. and It takes forever and Its just sad!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lets go fly a kite!!!

Did I mention I love this weather?? So, after church the boys played outside while I did a few things inside then we picked up Harley and Hailey and went to fly a kite and hang out at KIDS KASTLE. Did I mention I love kids Kastle??? It was great they were outside from 12:30 to 5:00 Yep that's right we were at Kids Kastle for 3 Hours! Did I say 3 hours yep 3 hours.. The funnest (is that a word) anyway the Funnest part for the kids was watching mommy chase the kite across the field when they let go. Did I mention it was very very windy like 25 mph wind and I take 4 count them 4 small children out to fly a kite, yes you can go ahead and order me a straight jacket. I think I would be a long length.. Anyways all kids got to fly the kite. They had fun mommy had fun and there were TONS of people to have real life adult conversation with at the park. It was like an ant mound. Not so easy to watch the kids but fun either way. BTW the last pic is the kite after Luke had his turn.. SO much for that career as a pilot!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5th REALLY

Ok I know its Texas and I am soooo NOT complaining but... REALLY.. The kiddos went outside and 10:00 this morning and came in at 5:00 only b/c it was getting dark. Oh how I miss summer. It is so nice to throw them outside and throw some food at them every once in awhile. There is just something about wearing shorts on Jan 5th. I think I would be well suited to live in Hawaii.
On a completely different note. The spinach brownies did not go over well at my house. !in 4 kids liked them. not the biggest hit,especially for the time and kitchen destruction it took. We will try a few more recipes before I hang up my apron but we are not off to a good start.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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cookies for Santa

believe it or not we do more than bake around my house. Anyone who knows me knows cooking is so not my strong suite but I can bake you to death. I think I have passed this tradition along, b/c I have 3 boys who love to bake. Schyler is 15 and will get bored go into the kitchen and find some random thing to bake. Landry loves to make cookies.. cakes .. anything ooey and gooey and Lukas now hears the mixer and is in here wanting to crack the eggs (Yeah me who gets to dig out egg shell) or pour something. So here we are making cookies for Santa. Santa really enjoyed them. So did Mrs. Claus.. That is why Mrs. claus will be spending the next 3 months at the gym ..

random suburban converations

Landry and Luke having a your younger no your younger bit going back and forth

Landry to Lukas: your only 4
Lukas :your 3
landry: nahuh your only 1
Lukas : your zero
*** ok this is where it gets cute****
Landry: Yeah your still in Gods arms and he hasn't even put you in mommys belly yet!!!!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ice Skating 101

Our Family tradition is the day the kiddos get out of school for Christmas we go Ice skating.. I know CRAZY!!1 Traffic .. mall traffic.. Its insane but we do it and love it believe it or not there are not many people out actually Ice skating. Well this year Lukas tried to ice skate. I thought sure why not . Thinking ok this is going to last 5 minutes. He did great!!! I couldn't believe it. He walked on them fine . He got on the ice and held on to the side and then let go and would go about 3 feet and hold on again. he held my father and my hand and went all over the ice. He even said he wanted to try to go backwards and held the side and attempted to go backwards ( not much success there) We had to drag them off the ice after 2 hours. WHO KNEW!!! He was standing watching the Zamboni and jumping up and down in Ice skates.. I can barely walk int he things and hes jumping!!! Landry did great too but he's been doing it for a couple of years. ok 2 a year for a couple of years, Hes gone a total of 4 times in his life. He's gone he's out making laps while I'm going along with Lukas. It was a great time!!