Saturday, January 12, 2008

NBA here we come!!!!

Ok maybe not.. Today was Landrys First Upwards game of the season. He did a good job. He had an Asthma attack after the first 6 minutes. In Upward they play 6 6 minute quarters. We love Upwards. Landrys favorite part is when they call his name. They have all the kids line up outside the gym then they play some music have a fog machine and strobe lights and call each kid out one by one and they run across the floor to their team. Its a great program that is centered around learning and Christ not around competition. Landry always thinks his team wins. They get stars for sportsmanship, and memory versus and trying not for points. The stars they put on their uniforms. Not to brag on my hubby, but last year my hubby was first time coach for this and he won coach of the year!!! I think 2 straight might be pushing it.

Side note: one of the parents doesn't want to have snacks after the game?! I want a vote, do you think snacks after a sporting event?

Yea or Nay.. I'll let you know the results..


Happy Campers said...

i say yes to snacks!

HRH said...

no competition and NO SNACKS? that is just too much! I vote yes for snacks