Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another baby???

HA HA made you look!!!!! Ok seriously so in the middle of my break down the other night ( at 2:30 in the a.m.) My hubby actually ask if I want another child!!!! Is he crazy??? Insane?? Think I can find a good shrink somewhere to help him?? Anyone know any??
I was just wanting a little sympathy for my little baby growing up. Why is it men feel like they have to fix things.. He knew he could fix that one and was more than willing to try but could not help me with Luke growing up. What every time A milestone is hit we have another child. Do I look like old mother hubbard??? Seriously... I love my hubby more than anything, he is wonderful, he is always trying to make me happy. I know in his mind he was doing the right thing. hmmm I wonder if I have a bigger breakdown if I can get my farm??? Maybe I should start making holes in my house?? Ok thats probably overboard.. Ok thats a lot overboard ..

I just wish I could freeze frame time and keep them safe and small.. Not gonna happen huh.. They have to grow up and we enjoy each stage more and more than the last. I love watching them develop into little people but, I am going to miss my baby. Thank God I have another year before I have to hand him over to the school system. Oh how I would love to keep homeschooling, but they are cursed with a adhd mom and we would never finish a lesson. We sure would have alot of fun.

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HRH said...

Awwww. One more won't kill you. Come on, everybody is doing it. Although then that baby would grow up too and you would have to have another and another and end up an Old Mother Hubbard.