Monday, February 4, 2008

Mommy's weekend out

I just got back from our yearly Women's retreat at church. This year was all about how we as women tend to put everyone else first and if we get hurt or get a "boo boo" in the process we would just push it down and keep on forging ahead. It was great and I had no idea I did that but of course I do. Thinking of it I can't think of a women who doesn't. We have all put ourselves to the side for what ever is best for our families. The Speaker told us to try that weekend not to say say "fine" when someone asked how are you. Try to actually tell them whats going on. Now Of course this would not owrk in everyday life. An example: Landry was late to school this morning because Luke is sick. I was walking him in and the A.P. asked how we were my first response Oh Fine.. But seriouosly she did not want ot hear how many times I had cleaned up after Luke this morning. SO I think this is a great concept and a great learnig tool. But not practical for day to day living. But It did make me laugh when I said Oh Fine. B/c I actually thought well no not really..
Other than actually learning things about myself and having a great weekend of praise and worship. It was so much fun. We stayed up until 1:45 on Friday night talking and 2:00 on Saturday playing game and talking with a great group of Ladies. Its always so nice to reconnect with people.

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HRH said...

Sounds like you had a "fine" time. Probably best to hold your tongue sometimes! Hope you are feeling better...