Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning. NOT!!!

This morning started off great. I woke up early enough to start my work out routine. Landry woke up easily. Things were going great, then the cosmic shift came..
Landry went form melt down to melt down which in turn ended up with him in his room crying and me in the kitchen not caring if he was late for school.
Finally he is ready we are out the door (on time ) maybe the cosmos isn’t changing.
Home. Luke spills yogurt all over the couch while I started to clean out the fish bowl. Yep guess what happened. He screams. I dump fish down kitchen sink. Now b/c I am so not June cleaver. There were dirty dishes in the sink that I am now throwing out of the sink looking for the lost fish. I found the poor thing gripping onto life at the edge of the garbage disposal. Careful not to scoop him down, gross Can you imagine having to either dig him out or grind him up.. EWWWW.. Anyways, He is rescued and swimming around and its ONLY 8:05 !!!!


Happy Campers said...

OH what a story!!!!! Glad you saved the fish :)

HRH said...

Oh, that was painful just reading. I am so sorry for the fish and the couch and the crying boy. I think each is a personal occurance to me except the fish (unless the ones the raccoon ate out of our pond count). So sorry!

Heather said...

Ugh...why does it have to be such a drama just to go to school? I have those days too. Those are the days I long for an Irish Creme laden coffee.