Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!

What you mean its over?? How can that be??
We have been so busy.. Did I miss it?
Hmmm just to recap let see...

We started with 80 degrees .. so Holiday in the park here we come...This is my absolute favorite time to go to six flags.. It is so pretty with all the lights.. and you can't beat the weather..
there were christmas cookies

Ice skating.. one of the few photos of all 4of us the boys were gone... they were like catch me if you can :)..

and there were Shepperd's watching over the flocks at night.. looks like a happy Sheppard don't ya think. he actually did a great job and said his line very clearly and slowly..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Burb mom and Chevy take us to NASCAR!!!

Thank you!!! Thank you !! Thank you!!!
Chevy and Burb mom!!

On Sunday, Chevy and Burbmom took us to NASCAR!!
I can't tell you how excited my kids were.

*insert screaming*
*insert jumping up and down*

and the kids were very excited too!!
The people at Chevy could not have been nicer!!!
They were great with the boys.

They played a game where you put all these tetris blocks in the back of one of their midsize SUVS. I was shocked at the room it had in the back.
Chevy had their drivers come out and do a little spill before the race. They gave this big speech about how they were not going to sign autographs.

Landry's second favorite driver is Jimmy Johnson. Well, he came out and talked and Landry wiggled his way to the front and then this happened...

Yep, that's Landry getting an autograph.
Then, because no one under 18 is allowed in the pits the boys and I tool off to explore while my dad and hubby went to the pits
They were so EXCITED!
But nothing prepared them for the excitement of....

"Gentlemen Start your Engine's!!"
This is the look I saw when I looked over at Luke..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

So a friend calls Wednesday morning and want to know our afternoon plans..
Not much really..
Well , There is anew "skate" park that just opened up and its outside, free and the boys can bring bikes, scooter, or skateboards.
Great!! This has 3 of my favorite things..

Outside.. New.. and FREE!!!!

We are soo in! I'll be at your house a little after 3:00

Great I will make a fresh batch of pumpkin cookies.
I will bring a cooler with drinks and my NEW fancy camera these will be great action shots!
So we are suburban moms in our suburban of toys with our 3 boys, one of which is in a private school uniform. Headed to the skate park!
So we get to the skate park and my friend and I look at each other. Wow! There are a lot of people here. Oh well, come on it will be ok..
So, We find our parking spot right by the front and start unloading..

3 bikes.. check
2 skateboards .. check
2 scooters.. check..
one cooler of drinks. .. check..
Cookies.. check
New Big fancy camera.. check
So we wag all our stuff into the park..
The boys head off to have a good time..

Then we look around.. (cue scary music)

We are the only ones there with kids..
Everyone is in their late teens or early 20's.
Why aren't these people in school??

Why aren't they at their job??

Oh well, It will be fine..
Ok So we are the ONLY females there.
Uhmmm ...
Then a guy falls in front of us and lets out a stream of curse words you wouldn't hear on HBO.
( well there's bound to be one)

Then I notice there's a group smoking..
Then Another guy and some not so nice words.
Then Landry comes over and says" hey, that guy over there introduced himself to me.."

Ok that's it we are outta here!!!

Looking back I bet we were very funny. Pulling up in our suburban with our kids .. and our little cooler and home made cookies and my cross t shirt and hat. Not exactly skate park material.
Oh well .. no permanent damage done

We actually used it as a teachable moment in that this is not what God wants for his children. Playing and having fun and being outside good..smoking .. cusing.. and being 20 and hanging out there ..not good..

We also went back thru the Don't talk to strangers, don't take anything from a stranger.. blah blah blah..
They did have fun for the 10 minutes we were there. Maybe a 8:30 in the morning would be a good time to go. It's a neat concept OR someone with some $$ needs to make a skate park for ages 14 and under..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Boo Y'all!!!

So Halloween has come and gone..
Christmas is just around the corner.

But I have some Way Way catching up to do before that craziness begins.

Let's start with the pumpkin patch dilema..

Flower mound has a multitude of pumpkin patches. Which one you decide to goto depends on your financial state ie: you got $10 to blow to go into a pumpkin patch or you ability to handle crowds.
No in all seriousness. There are 3 major pumpkin patches and they all have something diff to offer.

We always choose the Original pumpkin patch. And every year we take this pic. I would compare it for you to last year but that is on my computer that is at the computer hospital.This would be the constipated pumpkin
Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gap's got nothing on us ;)

Landry has always been a very photogenic child. The camera loves him and he LOVES hamming it up for the camera. Anyone who knows him knows he is the Jim Carry. He loves to be silly, crazy and make people laugh.

What am I going to do with him..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time slow down Please!!

As I tucked Luke in tonight and asked him what his favorite part of his birthday was and he said When he fought Darth Vader. I realized how fast the years are going by. It wasn't that long ago that I was tucking Darth in and asking him what his favorite part of the day was.

So Dear Lukie on your 6th birthday...
Please slow down.. You are growing up way to fast.
You are my homebody.. You are my kid that would love to stay home in his Jammie's all day. You are the kid that it takes a good hour from the time you wake up until you are ready to do anything . You love being homeschool and I can't imagine doing it any other way. At least for now. You are amazing.. wise beyond your years. You are my thinker.You will analyze a problem 10 different ways before acting on it. You are my puzzle kid. You love those brain puzzles the ones where your suppose to fit like 10 blocks in a big block and there is only one way to do it. You also like games of strategy.
You are great sidekick to your best friend.. Your brother..

You can be the silliest , funniest, kid int he world. You have a great sense of humor but you do like order.
You are the kid that categorizes everything. Your Lego's, your army people, your books, you make patterns out of everything. You are the one who actually like to clean the playroom!!

You keep me smiling. All I have to do is look at you in the rear view mirror and you smile at me with that toothless grin and I fall in love again. You are super easy going but funny.. You don't like to sweat. Totally cracks me up.

You tell me almost everyday." Mommy I like spending the day with you" Honey if you knew how much mommy LOVED spending the day with you!
I love you tookie.. NOW STOP GROWING!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

RIP Bobo Fet

So .. Landry took Luke's BRAND NEW Boba Fet lego guy to school today.. With out permission.
Of course He lost it.
This of course sent Luke into a well deserved fit. I would throw a fit too if it was my one day old toy and my brother lost it.
So anyways.. Luke goes to the play room to play and comes out and says mommy I need you..
I go back to the playroom to see Lukas Having a funeral for Boba Fet..
He has all the other lego guys on their stands and then he has a lightsaber and boba fets helmet on it.
He says look mommy its a RIP sign for bobo fet...
now its not a R.I.P. sign nope it says rip like I ripped my jeans..
Poor Bobo Fet..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ok so there are a few benefits to having a dad who is "in the know"

Friday was run with the marauders night. Its a night all the 5th graders who feed into Marcus get to run thru the tunnel with the football players.

Well if you are the AP'S kid you get to slip in under the radar and be a big kid.
See the boys running behind the old lady who we hope is not still in 5th grade

look at how big those boys are

Oh and if you want to you can hang out on the field with all the players..
And If you really special..You can loose your front tooth right there on the field and have 10 adults on their hands and knees on the field looking for said tooth..
Yes I will post new pis of hte toothless wonder next..

Awwaahh waahh Woooo Put that thing away~~~

So my darling hubby is part Cherokee Indian. Not much but enough. He did grow up in Tahlequah Oklahoma. That is the capital of the Cherokee Nation. All the Street signs are written in cherokee, the stop sign is written in cherokee. It's an interesting little place..

Not everything in Tahlequah is little..

No ..

Some things are a little too big..

Some things are just well...

see for your self...

Yep those are loin cloths

Landry wanted to see the Warriors dance..

I think it has been a long time since these warriors have seen any type of war except for over the last piece of cake.

It was a fun weekend. The boys got a little history lesson along the way. It was a good weekend.

We saw family. Did some festivaling and laughed at the warriors who were very funny.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

like the energizer bunny.. THey just keep coming OUT!!!

Luke lost yet another tooth.. Crazy...

He lost the one on the bottom next to his 2 permanent teeth.

REALLY!! HE is still 5 people !! 5!!! This is tooth #4..

Did I mention he was 5!!!

His brother didn't loose this tooth until he was almost 7.. Its crazy I tell ya.

I didn't even know it was loose until this afternoon

He was eating and got up and told me he lost half a tooth.I looked it was all there

Then walking into the school to pick up Landry, He goes here mom I lost my tooth.

I did finally figure out he is pushing them out with his tongue, they are not just randomly falling out BUT this is still ALOT..

SO anyways ,

For some reason he wanted to keep his tooth tonight. SO I told him to write the tooth fairy a note .


This is what I got..
Dear Toof fary
Plese lef my tof

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kee Yah!!!

Yeppers .Its time for that post..
You knew it was coming.
You can skip it if you want..
SO here's the thing,
The other moms who's kids have been taking for 5 years .
We were all talking and we have been wondering when exactly do they start looking like they have been taking for 5 years.

Well that moment happened for Landry on belt test.

He was awesome!! He had everything down. He actually looked like a red belt. was like holy cow.

This is one of those things that I can't help him on, I can't make him practice.This was all him.I was very proud..

Mr. Drew.. He's awesome.. He's 17 homeschooler. unbelievable with the kids.
look at him go.. nothing like having to do a solo kata..
The first thing to touch your new belt is your mind.. You have to use your mind to focus your body. With your mind focused anything is possible.He has been told this since he was 4 .. I hope some of it sunk in.

Where did my babies go??

Oh time Why don't you slow down and let us enjoy these days a little longer.
We have had a couple of major milestones lately.. That has made me realize no matter how hard I try I can't keep them little.
Luke has officially started kindergarten. He is homeschooling so at least I get to keep a hold of him a little longer.
But I think the big thing was he lost his front tooth.. Look at that little grin
Landry started 3rd grade. He was nervous but excited. He just wishes school started at 10:00 in the morning. This is his new teacher.

WE rode bikes the very first day. His shirt says." the cool kids just showed up" Confident little thing isn't he.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Here fish fishy fishy

So on saturday we went with our buddies to their lake house. To play off hte dock, ride jet skis and play in the boat and tube.It was great fun except...

Luke was not about to get n the lake. Nope he was going to have none of it.
He kept saying it looked dirty. he kept saying there were fish in it. We kept assuring him there were no fish in the lake. Bad parents

Landry loved the lake .. He ran from the car and went to jump in.. he LOVED the jet skis .. He LOVED jumping off the sides.. HE LOVED tubing in the boat.. HE LOVED the whole thing.. Luke not so much
Luke sat on the dock red faced and pouty

Finally after lunch mommy had had enough

Luke you are going to get in the water or loose your ds and wii for a week.
Please don't marvel to much at my parenting skills. I know Dr. spocks got nothing on me
Luke says well I guess I loose my ds then
mommy : hmm that didn't work
Mommy : Fine Luke you are getting in.. you can get in the tube
Luke: NO
Mommy YES
Luke : no
mommy:luke you can sit in the tube the fish won't get you there/
Ok so this goes on for hours ok maybe it was more like 20 minutes it just seemed like hours..

YEAH mommy won!! Victory!!!!He went on to have a great time he loved jumping off the dock and going down the slide. HE had agreat time we had to drag both of my boys out of the water . They did not want to leave. Luke loved the jet ski he kept asking me to go faster. He even played with the fish/minnows

being the little scientist he is.. he had to smell them. then he wanted to pull of their fins to see what happened and wanted to know if he could look inside them. Future surgeon or seriel killer??and then of course theres landry.. My stand up comic.