Friday, November 13, 2009

Burb mom and Chevy take us to NASCAR!!!

Thank you!!! Thank you !! Thank you!!!
Chevy and Burb mom!!

On Sunday, Chevy and Burbmom took us to NASCAR!!
I can't tell you how excited my kids were.

*insert screaming*
*insert jumping up and down*

and the kids were very excited too!!
The people at Chevy could not have been nicer!!!
They were great with the boys.

They played a game where you put all these tetris blocks in the back of one of their midsize SUVS. I was shocked at the room it had in the back.
Chevy had their drivers come out and do a little spill before the race. They gave this big speech about how they were not going to sign autographs.

Landry's second favorite driver is Jimmy Johnson. Well, he came out and talked and Landry wiggled his way to the front and then this happened...

Yep, that's Landry getting an autograph.
Then, because no one under 18 is allowed in the pits the boys and I tool off to explore while my dad and hubby went to the pits
They were so EXCITED!
But nothing prepared them for the excitement of....

"Gentlemen Start your Engine's!!"
This is the look I saw when I looked over at Luke..

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texasholly said...

Love that last pic! Nice fancy camera shots. How fun!