Monday, August 17, 2009

Here fish fishy fishy

So on saturday we went with our buddies to their lake house. To play off hte dock, ride jet skis and play in the boat and tube.It was great fun except...

Luke was not about to get n the lake. Nope he was going to have none of it.
He kept saying it looked dirty. he kept saying there were fish in it. We kept assuring him there were no fish in the lake. Bad parents

Landry loved the lake .. He ran from the car and went to jump in.. he LOVED the jet skis .. He LOVED jumping off the sides.. HE LOVED tubing in the boat.. HE LOVED the whole thing.. Luke not so much
Luke sat on the dock red faced and pouty

Finally after lunch mommy had had enough

Luke you are going to get in the water or loose your ds and wii for a week.
Please don't marvel to much at my parenting skills. I know Dr. spocks got nothing on me
Luke says well I guess I loose my ds then
mommy : hmm that didn't work
Mommy : Fine Luke you are getting in.. you can get in the tube
Luke: NO
Mommy YES
Luke : no
mommy:luke you can sit in the tube the fish won't get you there/
Ok so this goes on for hours ok maybe it was more like 20 minutes it just seemed like hours..

YEAH mommy won!! Victory!!!!He went on to have a great time he loved jumping off the dock and going down the slide. HE had agreat time we had to drag both of my boys out of the water . They did not want to leave. Luke loved the jet ski he kept asking me to go faster. He even played with the fish/minnows

being the little scientist he is.. he had to smell them. then he wanted to pull of their fins to see what happened and wanted to know if he could look inside them. Future surgeon or seriel killer??and then of course theres landry.. My stand up comic.

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