Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just another Boring Saturday

Let me just start by saying we left the house 11 hours and 25 minutes ago.. I feel like we have been on vacation and are coming back home.
To start the day off Landry had a basketball game, He won, he ALWAYS wins. They don’t keep score. They had fun
Then we ran to Us toys in Plano for Valentines Day goodie bags for school. Which by the way I think is a joke aren’t the valentines they get form their friends enough. Why should room moms be put thru the stress of giving them MORE candy and rinky-dink throw in the trash toys? But I do what I am told.
Off to the Heard Museum in McKinney. We were not the only people who had this brilliant idea. It was packed. But so much fun. The boys really liked the dinosaur exhibits. You go outside and walk down this nature trail and these HUGE dinosaurs growl and move at you. One even spit poison (water) at you. Of course that was Landry’s favorite. Lukas liked them all until we got to the really really big ones, then he liked them from a distance. He also thought it was funny his brother was getting spit on but so was not about to go over there and join him. It was a gorgeous day for it. Inside there was plenty to do too. There were tons of learning opportunities. They looked at things under microscopes. Felt different bones from different animals. Saw life cycle of a toad. Then there was every type of rattlesnake known to man. Ok maybe not every type but 20 of them and copperheads and king snakes. My hubby loves/hates snakes !! He gets the willy jillys just talking about them. It was a fun time and we will defiantly go back.
It was such a pretty day that we decided we couldn’t go home. So, we asked our Garmen where a park was. It sent us to the neatest, coolest park I have ever been to. It was huge!!! And it had a water spray park that was turned off inside of the park. So we are so going back there when it warms up. We played for almost 2 hours there.
So by now its 5:00 .. food …. Kids need to be fed.. What to do what to do… Frisco?? Gattis Town!!! Yippee!!! We are off to pig out at GattisTown!!! And play games and just have a good time. Poor little Lukas was doing the head bob thing at dinner. You know the I about to go to sleep in spaghetti bob. He made it to play games and that seemed to give him his second wind. Poor thing. I know he’s tired b/c I am.. But just another fun filled Saturday here at the Mullin house. Come on over. I’ll se if I can get you to fall asleep in your spaghetti too..


Happy Campers said...

I have bad news Mel...I think you lost the "off" swtich for your family! You guys are hillarious. A trip to GattiTown or the Dino thingy would have been a FULL day for me. You? Oh no! You guys are the Energizer Bunny of families. I love it!!! :)

HRH said...

Yeah, if Happy Campers thinks you might have overdone it...imagine what I think! Those activities would have kept our family busy for a whole month...but I want to go to that park...