Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am loved!!

How cool is that. My good Friend Heather(Reese's View Of The World) gave me this too cute badge!! She says its because I give my children Gingerbread house for Beakfast. ( only at CHristmas) . I use to love Valentines day. THe day your daddy would give you a fudge heart,or original cookie heart. Then the day everyone ws talking aobut where you were going on that HOT date. We lived in Wichita Falls so our options were The Sizzler ( only very lucky girls got to go there) or Something that all the grown-up went to and you knew all you could order was salad becouse your poor date really couldn't afford it but was trying to impress you. Boy that sounds Pathetic huh?? Now, Its all about the kids. I have boys so really its all about acting surprised whrn they bring in their flowers and candy. This year, Valentines is after Lent sooo there goes the candy.. The boys of course will gte heart shapped pancakes, sandwiches and anything else I can find to cut into a heart. They really don't get it. I am just guessing that will stick with them fro the rest of their lives must be that Y chomosome thing.


HRH said...

You could always make them gingerbread houses with hearts on them? You made Wichita Falls seem so glamourous...haha

Umpa said...

Have I told you lately how much I love reading your blog and knowing what your precious family is doing - and how much I love you ?