Tuesday, February 26, 2008

catch up time

Ok Ok I know I am a slacker.. What can I say.. sorry..

My hubby thinks I am off my rocker. Why you ask?? I can hear the suspense in your reading..
Here is why my hubby thinks I am off my rocker today. tomorrow will have a reason all its own.
So I have written this down cut it out and taped it all over the house.." My child is different b/c he was put in this world to make a difference"
Ok don't give me credit. I so copied it from somewhere else. But It made sense. If you have ever meet my oldest or if you know his story you know he is not the easiest child to raise.In fact he is down right hard to manage,raise and keep calm when you are around him. I love him with my whole heart don't get me wrong. He just puts me to the test on a daily basis. I also typed up this note and stuck it to Landrys door. Things I love about Landry: ..
He asked today what all those papers are for and i said to help mommy remember how special you are and help me not to get frustrated with you. So tonight on the 15th time I told him to get in bed(when he was jumping off the end of his bed making slam dunks to an invisible basketball goal.) I started to get a little frustrated. He said mommy do you need to read my door. UGHHH KID IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE SMARTER THAN PARENT!! There should be a rule, kids should not make their parents fell like the size of ants.
Good news is things are much better now that he is on drugs. However, I think that I am losing Landry in the process. I can see a huge difference n him on drugs vs.not on drugs. Less temper tantrums, less outburst, more focus. Sounds great huh?? There are also less funny jokes, less laughing, less creative ideas . So this great and wonderful cure is it a curse or a blessing?? Right now we are only a couple of weeks into it and it seems to be both. It is helping him get through the school day better, he is actually wanting to do his homework and getting to play at recess. His grades are improving sounds wonderful. But what if I loose Landry in the process. Shouldn't there be a place where he can be what he was meant to be and still be successful. AHAHomeschool.. Uhmm did you miss the part that with our drugs he tries my every nerve.. Hmmmm.. What to do . What to do.


HRH said...

Ugh. My heart hurts for any creative Landry loss, but what are you to do to get him through the day? I wish I was smarter and could advise...maybe we could just ask him. See ya in a few minutes.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Hmmm. That's a really tough one. And a personal decision too.

You mean kids are suppose to want to do homework? Gack! Not mine. I think schools require homework WAY too son. First grade? Come on. But my first grader has it every. single. night. What a crock. Maybe I should write a post on how we've gotten Payton to do his homework b/c it has been a issue for us too.

I also noticed when Payton isn't getting enough protein in his diet, he has the tantrums and outbursts too. Breakfast seems to be especially key in keeping that in check. I've had to swear off cereal 100%.

Have you checked out this site? http://www.borntoexplore.org/

It is about ADHD/ADD, but it has some interesting insight into meds and alternatives.