Thursday, January 17, 2008

The day of Appt. and answers.

So seriously .. why is it when you schedule ( OK maybe your smarter than me and don't do this) back to back appt. that no one is ever on time and they all run late!! Parent teacher Conf. we could have talked for another 30 minutes. The good news all is well with the world of school.. YIPEE!! Off to the new head shrinker.. I really liked her, she made since She said things that made you go aha. She helped us understand our sweet, precious,adorable, hard to understand little boy. Yes!! someone to help!! YIPEE!! Ok get out of there late b/c we had a million questions and she actually had answers.. WOW ! what a concept. ( this is shrink #4 since May) and she gave us a book to help us understand our little boy better.
So From there off to grab said little ball of joy from school.. we are headed tot he ENT. First most important stop, We NEED a milkshake. Ok so we can be 5 minutes late no biggie. We NEED a milkshake. (anyone wonder why he is the way he is needs to see exhibit A, me)
So Milkshake in hand we run into the office, ignore the sign that says no food or drinks and sign in. The long and short of that was we get to have tonsil and adenoids out. YIPEE!! 10 days of recoup time!! UGHH!!!.
Then we rush from there, Said little joy is thrown his Karate pants and we speed down the road to Karate. We get there 10 minutes late. They will not let him join class. We look at the schedule. There is another class in 35 minutes. Off to McD's b/c the milkshake could only go so far and it is 5:00 by now ( this all started at 11:30). Go back to Karate and breathe. We did it the day is done. Everything accomplished. WHoosh. now lets plan Thursday.


mommy2nicholas said...

Hey Melissa! Love your blog! Boy, I'm tired just reading about that day. And to think that some people think that SAHMs just sit around eating bon bons all day! Ha!

HRH said...

isn't this the second doctor that has given you a book to read? were either of them by dr. phil? i just made myself laugh. i am glad you survived the day...was little L with you?