Wednesday, January 2, 2008

cookies for Santa

believe it or not we do more than bake around my house. Anyone who knows me knows cooking is so not my strong suite but I can bake you to death. I think I have passed this tradition along, b/c I have 3 boys who love to bake. Schyler is 15 and will get bored go into the kitchen and find some random thing to bake. Landry loves to make cookies.. cakes .. anything ooey and gooey and Lukas now hears the mixer and is in here wanting to crack the eggs (Yeah me who gets to dig out egg shell) or pour something. So here we are making cookies for Santa. Santa really enjoyed them. So did Mrs. Claus.. That is why Mrs. claus will be spending the next 3 months at the gym ..


Cathi_in_TX said...

We'll just call you Suzi Homemaker or Martha Stewart from now on!!

HRH said...

hey, glad you are back! I can smell the baking way over at my house.

Happy Campers said...

All I need to know have a 15 year old child?