Monday, January 21, 2008

4 day weekend and its cold!!!

Ok... just to set the record straight I was so looking forward to a 4 day weekend. We had it all planned out. Friday we were going to play and go to the movies and pack, Saturday we were going to go to Landry's basketball game and then head out of town for 3 day of mud running and good old fashion family fun. So the first kink in this way to thought out plan was when our friends called Friday and said they had to skip.. Why you ask.. Because the kid ( who got the Flu shot) now has the flu... YUCK... Yep your right your not going with us. ( that is me being a supportive, loving friend) .. Not to be too foiled with our plans, we said ok no biggie we are still going. Then what do you know the weather man LIED to us.. Out and out LIED.. not very nice Mr. Weather man. Have you ever tried to tell a 7 year old his trip has been cancelled because the mud he was sooooo looking forward to is now frozen mud... Not fun!!!
Ok so super mom to the Rescue. That's right she can think fast, she can modify, she can cram a lot of crap into a 4 day weekend!!! So here it is......

Thursday ... Kids get out of school at 1:30.. Toad ( that would be the husband) doesn't get off work until 8:00... hmm what to do what to do... movie nope too short... hmm BONKERS.. yep BONKERS sounds great ... SO 4 kids loaded up and we are off to Bonkers. First stop half price book so mommy can get a book on what to do with boy #1 .. Then off to Bonkers..
This place is AMAZING!!!!! we LOVED it!! It was a huge indoor playground. We were there almost 4 hours. Yep 4 hours of entertainment for $5 a piece!! gotta love that!!! It is their new favorite place. There was maybe 10 other kids in there. I got to sit and read and they ran until they were about to fall over. Ok they ran until 6:30 when they decided they had to eat. So off to cici B/c where else can you feed 4 hungry kids for $15 !!!

Friday.. Time to build the dendrites...
Those of you who know me know I am obsessed with learning/teaching my children. If we have an extra day of school we are off to a play, the symphony, doing some type of science experiment or at a museum. Friday seemed like a good day to go to the science place. Its a Children's Museum in fair park. We love the ft. Wroth Children's Museum but they are closed. So Off to fair park. It was ok .. not great .. I was very underwhelmed. Landry did learn a little about gravity and light. Luke not so much. Landry figured out that the "reason airplanes fly is the air goes around the wings and pulls the airplane up instead of air going under and pushing it up."
They both had a great time with the monster bubbles, so did daddy.

Saturday... Basketball game... They won!!! they always win!! ( It's Upwards.. They don't keep score) Off to the boat show in Ft. Worth. It was fun. Made us want a boat. Gave us some ideas to do with our/my dads motor home. Home to go to church ( yep on Saturday night, I'm still under the delusion we are going 4 Wheeling in the morning)

Sunday... Wind Chill of 19 degrees.. hmmm .. Rethink the whole getting wet and going fast in the weather concept.
What to do ... EKKK .. What to do.... Grandpa is here to go 4 Wheeling .. What to do... BONKERS !! Yep load up 4 kids, 1 teenager, 1 Old man and off to bonkers. ( ok so my dad is not THAT old, he did get in the playground and play tag with the kids and myself and actually caught me several times. Not real sure what to say about that.. We play another 4 hours!!! go home and watch the game.

Monday... Take kids to Dr. Ear infections. 3 out of 4 .. not good... Oh well.. Run a few errands and home again home again. That's it in a nut shell. So next 4 day weekend better be pretty weather b/c this entertaining them all the time stuff.. not so much....


HRH said...

You may have answered my question about the weather map--children's museum, fair park? It was much easier to tolerate the cold when there was snow and skiing.

mommy2nicholas said...

Hey! Nicholas and I were building dendrites at the science place on Friday too! I even thought I saw Luke running around the farm area but he was so quick that I didn't get a good look at him to be sure. We went for the dino IMAX and then just wandered aimlessly around the rest of the place. It was a fun way to spend a cold day.