Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I think I have a problem

Ok I know all you people out there who know me are going "it took you this long to figure that out".. seriously I think I need to go to BA ( bloggers anonymous) .. Ok stop laughing I am serious. Last night I was dreaming of what I was going to blog today. How weird is that.. and here is the ting I only remember snippets of it so I can't even use what I was dreaming about. Which really stinks because I know I was on a big ole soap box about something but don't remember what..
so If any of you other fellow bloggers out there ( and you know who you are) want to join me in this endeavor come on... Hi, My name is MeLissa and I have a blogging problem.

1 comment:

HRH said...

You need to go to my blog and see your tag and then go straight to Jodi's where she can assure you that denial is the first step...