Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lets go fly a kite!!!

Did I mention I love this weather?? So, after church the boys played outside while I did a few things inside then we picked up Harley and Hailey and went to fly a kite and hang out at KIDS KASTLE. Did I mention I love kids Kastle??? It was great they were outside from 12:30 to 5:00 Yep that's right we were at Kids Kastle for 3 Hours! Did I say 3 hours yep 3 hours.. The funnest (is that a word) anyway the Funnest part for the kids was watching mommy chase the kite across the field when they let go. Did I mention it was very very windy like 25 mph wind and I take 4 count them 4 small children out to fly a kite, yes you can go ahead and order me a straight jacket. I think I would be a long length.. Anyways all kids got to fly the kite. They had fun mommy had fun and there were TONS of people to have real life adult conversation with at the park. It was like an ant mound. Not so easy to watch the kids but fun either way. BTW the last pic is the kite after Luke had his turn.. SO much for that career as a pilot!!!

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HRH said...

What fun! Love the pictures and flying a kite seems like a much better idea in the wind...we went fishing...yes, fishing in the wind. Let's just say we didn't have fish for supper (not that I could cook it).