Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5th REALLY

Ok I know its Texas and I am soooo NOT complaining but... REALLY.. The kiddos went outside and 10:00 this morning and came in at 5:00 only b/c it was getting dark. Oh how I miss summer. It is so nice to throw them outside and throw some food at them every once in awhile. There is just something about wearing shorts on Jan 5th. I think I would be well suited to live in Hawaii.
On a completely different note. The spinach brownies did not go over well at my house. !in 4 kids liked them. not the biggest hit,especially for the time and kitchen destruction it took. We will try a few more recipes before I hang up my apron but we are not off to a good start.


HRH said...

Oh! I am loving this weather...finally the kids can go outside and give me some peace. The problem with you and the brownies is that you have previously spoiled your family with real, home-made food. Mine are just ecstatic there is something to eat...spinach or not.

Happy Campers said...

The weather ROCKS!!! I'm using the Deceptive Cooking book as my night-time reading...I snuck some chocolate into my milk this morning. Went over really well! Maybe you're trying to hide the wrong ingredients? I haven't read much of the book yet, so maybe I've got it all wrong? :)