Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mery Christmas and all that Jazz

Ok Ok I know I've been busy ... Sorry ..

So here goes...

Merry Christmas everyone!! I know a tad bit late but when you here about the last week you will understand why we are late..

So the kiddos got out of school on Friday the 19th ..

Sounds like a great day to have a Party.. Why not.. So we partied until late late Friday night. Have I mentioned that I LOVE my Sunday school ..

Saturday. We tried to recover.. Yep we were suppose to work at CCA at 9:00 in the morning. Yep that didn't happen.. We were suppose to go Ice skating at 12:30 .. nope that didn't happen either.. We did make cookies for Santa that was my big accomplishment for the day..

Church and went to North Park with the thought that we would go see the trains. I would have awesome pics of the train but my Camera craped out on me right when we got to the door. %)(*%# 30 minute wait .. 45 minutes down here and my &%()*) camera stops working.. %#)*@

AND we were suppose to go from there to the Galleria to go Ice Skating.

WE didn't make it to the Galleria but hey that s ok
Instead I actually made it back to church in time for my class that I really enjoyed.
Once again the plan was to go ice skating but...
My father had to fly out to Arizona on short notice so, Ice skating got put on hold until umpa could be there. The boys went to Camp at Winkids. They LOVED it. It was great, they had a great time Jason and I finished up some Christmas shopping. Everyone was happy.

On Tuesday.. We had a big surprise for the kids. We had rented a Hummer Limo with 2 other couples from Church to go look at Christmas lights.

They were so excited. It was so much fun. We went to highland Park and looked around. OMG!! those houses are huge and they know how to " do Christmas".
Finally on Wed. We went Ice skating !! My dad came back late Tuesday night and so Wed. we were off. It was incredible empty in the mall. I was shocked. The kiddos had so much fun. They love to skate. Luke gets tired quickly but now that we know there is a medical reason for that it makes it easier for us. We can prepare b/c we know that it is going to happen. Home and get ready for Church and Santa..

Reading the Christmas StoryGetting ready to put out reindeer food

That's enough for now. I will update more later.

Merry Christmas

Oh how did I get the pics. My mom and dad let me open an early present knowing my camera was on its last legs . yipee!!


texasholly said...

Awesome way to see lights!

Hey, I need to call you...I have a new number for ya! YEAH. What a sweet Santa you are married to.

Happy Campers said...

Oh guys were BUSY!!! I love, love, love the boys' hats on Christmas Eve!