Monday, December 1, 2008

Tis the season to be insanely Busy...

I know I know I took a long break.. Hey what can I say.. It's the most wonderful, crazy busy time of the year.

Turkey was great. For the 4th year in a row , we have served Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate at Church. I hate that word less fortunate, I mean really it makes us the " more fortunate " seem all high and mighty. I would prefer those down on their luck ,those have hard time right now anything else. I would say homeless but most were not homeless just in need of a good meal.

Anyways, I love the fact the my kiddos think this what you do. They have never known any different. They think that this is just what you do. Like getting a foster kid Christmas It's just what you do. Come on people Share the Christmas spirit out there. Nothing makes you feel more joyful than to help someone else out.

*** Time for a Soap box time out****

sorry about that...

So Friday .. yep we were the crazy people up at the butt crack on dawn to go shop.. WE HAD @ SHOPPING CARTS OF STUFF AT TOYS R US!! YES 2!
Then we went to Walmart, Jc penny, best Buy, Target, Dicks, Academy, Old Navy, Lifeway, Kohls ( NEVER NEVER GO to Kohls ) all in all a successful trip UNTIL....
We realized we forgot half of each boys list .. Oh well off we go again another day..

Friday night..

Ft. Worth Parade of lights!!! It was awesome.. Cold but Awesome..

We were suppose to got 6 flags but decide it was to cold. So instead we went to Bass Pro Shops .

Its all decked out for Christmas. The boys played games for FREE.. Made ornaments for FREE
and could've seen Santa but that's a different post.

Saturday night we headed to Grand prairie to look a t the Prairie Lights. It was defiantly worth the drive..

Happy December everyone.

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Anonymous said...

So cute! We may check out the Grand Prairie thing. There's also a neat thing in Waxahachie that we are going to try this weekend. I love your pics! You're so funny. (But your typos drive me CRAZY!!) :)