Thursday, December 4, 2008

Check out my big boy!!!

Last night was one of those nights you try not to forget. You try to remember every second because you know this time is so short.

We went to Micheal W. Smith and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Landry, Jason and Myself. It was amazing, It was awesome, It was totally cool to see my little ADHD kid that can not sit still to watch a movie be totally mesmerized by the orchestra.

My Husband did a great job finding seats, We were in the Chorale terrace on the first row in the center. There were only 5 orchestra people between us and Smitty. Landry sat holding on to the rail most of the night.

WE looked over at him during O come all ye faithful and he was playing it on his legs (that's one of the songs he's working on)

Landry has been asking and asking for a suit. Yep??? OK so I found him one at a consignment store. He had to wear it last night. He looked sooo CUTE!!

Yep, My little redneck, four wheelin, karate kid, loves to wear a suit and play the piano.. Makes you wonder what he will be when he grows up.

The best part was when Smitty ( that Micheal W smiths nickname for you none Uberfans) stood up and did his see ya next year thing. He turned around to look at the area we were sitting and landry was waving and he pointed at him and waved. It made Landry feel so special.

Very cool night.