Monday, December 8, 2008

You sooo want to be me ( again)

Ok back in December of last year I posted about the day of parades. The day we had 3 parades in one day. Well, you will be glad to know we cut back this year. We only did 2 parades. and six flags.

Saturday poor toad got up super early and went to downtown Dallas to save a perfect parade watching spot. It was 34 degrees when he got there. He loves us. So when we got there hours later, we had a perfect parade viewing spot on the curb. Thanks toad. He had even bought the boys these too cute reindeer on a stick so they can walk Rodolph. They were so happy it was great!!

We left there in a flash to get to the other parade, Landry and Umpa were riding in the Lewisville Toy Run. There was probably 2000 bikes in Old Town lewisville. Landry was very excited.

After the motorcycle parade we walked around in old town. They had bounce houses. NOOO.. Ornament decorating, Face painting, Ice sculpturing, Ton of booths and puppies. We ALMOST got another dog. Had Jason been there we probably would have walked out with a 6week old Great Pyrenees puppy. They were sooooo cute.

We left there ran home took some medicine because Landry is still a litle sick on top of all this. and we are off to SIX FLAGS..

Six Flags is all decked out for Christmas. I love going to six flags at Christmas, the lights are beautiful. The boys LOVE the snow hill Luke wanted to ride again but we hit it at just the right time and when we went to go get back in line it was over an hour wait.. Umm NO.. sorry kid.

It was a super fun time and always puts me in the ho ho ho spirit.


Anonymous said...

How cute! Looks like fun. You guys sure know how to celebrate the holidays!

Stir Frequently said...

My hero...I DO so want to be you....when I grow-up! :)

texasholly said...

yep. that does look like fun. but now i am tired just reading to bed.