Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bestfriends and the ballgame

So landry has been blessed to have his best friend (Ty) in his class for the last 3years. They played t ball together when they were 4 and Carol ( friends mom) and I hit it off. So guess what, We liked spending time together so the boys had no choice but to become best buddies. Now they are going to be in the same class next year.

Last week we had a friend from church give us tickets to The Frisco Rough riders corporate appreciation day. It was awesome. The kids had so much fun.. There was 10 different bounce houses. They got to go on the field and play with the rough riders. They got autographs from all the rough riders it was just one of these days I hope they will remember forever. Oh how does this tie in to Ty, He went with us of course.

I was looking at Jason's yearbook last night and I noticed alot of kids in the senior dedication page where the families had done it together. Pic of kids when they were like 4 and 8 and 10 together all the way to seniors .. Makes me glad to know my kiddo will have a friend like that. I do. I have a friend (lea) from when she was 3 years old. I was 5. I was in her wedding last year. Its just nice to have someone to share that history with.

Ok.. I must have nirvana head because I am so rambling..

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