Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Look at me joining the 21st century

Wow!! I never thought I would be blogging. I figure as crazy as it is around here it might make someone other than me laugh. So here I go..

Lets just start with today. Lukas started the 4 year old class at Church today. He was very excited he got to feed bob the Turtle. Turtles eat apples, Who knew?? He had a pretty good day. Nothing to exciting to report on him. Landry of course a totally different story. I went to eat lunch at school because me being the mother of the year I am I had NO food in the house to make his Lunch not a slice of Bologna not a piece of bread nothing. So he got Sonic.. WOO HOO. Of course he could have eaten lunch at school had I had any money to give him but that would tarnish my mother of the year award. anyways he liked that and being he was suppose to be on silent lunch but since his parent was there he got to talk made it ohh soo much better.. AHH I do win mother of the Year..

So of course after school starts the craziness of homework, Karate and Basketball tryouts. Oh shoot we forgot to read and practice piano. There it goes again. But hey they did get baths. that should count for something. Oh did i mention I volunteered to make Trail mix so that Landry didn't feel like odd man out. So I am about to make trail mix for 22 kids with no nuts..

Oh house is about to come on..That is high on my priority list . Gotta run

I will blog about Halloween and such tomorrow. Maybe

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