Monday, December 3, 2007

you gotta be kidding me....

SERIOUSLY!!! So last night we got to Church the kids are running playing like normal. Well of course Luke trips over a chair and BANG his head on the floor. Yea Yea no big deal we pick him up cuddle in a few minutes hes back to running with his buddies. UNTIL.... We get ready to go home and his head hurts and his tummy is sick.. NOT GOOD..We can't keep him awake so we go home call the doc just in case 30 minutes later we are off to the acute care center. Or so we thought. Actually what we are doing is running from one center to another trying to find one that is open. Yep we went to 4 ..YES 4 and NO they are not close together!!! So finally we call the Doc back . no centers are open.. ok she says take him to the ER.. Uhmmm option.. Wake him up every hour.. UGHHHHH ok... so here is one very tired mommy blogging.

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