Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I've created a monster

Sunday.. We goto church and sunday school .. Every Sunday .. Their whole lives this is what we have done.. The only time we do not go is we are sick or out of town. Why then do they still have to ask and whine and complain about going??? I mean seriously has it ever gotten them out of it before so why do we have to go thru it again.. Soo Off to church in the freezing cold. We did skip SS b/c they were wrapping presents and we had already done that. Home by 11:15 wow what to do what to do.. We start actually cleaning the house, making crafts and cooking doing family things. 1:15 Landry mommy Im bored..
mommy: Landry we just did a,b,c,
Landry : mommy can I have a friend over.
mommy : sure .. mommy then makes fake phone call to said friend..
Landry: 1:45 has he called yet
Mommy nooo
Landry 2:15 : Im sooooo bored.. BTW we have now cooked played games , colored, painted, gone thru the adds and played the Wii... Seriously He can't be bored...
mommy : sorry
This goes on all day long finally at 5:00 I cant take it anymore and we make a meaningless trip to walmart just to get out of the house..

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Happy Campers said...

Girl, you are so much like I am! Jeff laughs that we can't stay home, all day, for one day. He says "WHAT on Earth are you going to do when we move to the farm?" My answer? Playing with the goats, riding horses, gathering eggs, & gardening will be my new "out of the house" time :) hehehe He says we can hand Reese a stick & the dogs & he can explore. A new "out of the house" kind of fun ;)